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Moving to Fort Lauderdale has become one of the great options of the moment for students, migrants and residents of the United States for many reasons.

The so-called Venice of America, located in the state of Florida, offers a pleasant climate throughout the year in an environment of beautiful beaches, emblematic restaurants and surprising cultural options.

Below, we’ll run through 10 reasons to live in this beautiful corner of Broward County.

An active job market

Fort Lauderdale ‘s economy is based on tourism, and is supported by various industries such as marine, manufacturing, insurance, real estate, technology, film, aeronautics and all of today’s busiest. That means you have an active job market with multiple job opportunities.

the fabulous restaurants

Fort Lauderdale is famous for allowing its residents to sample the flavors of the world without leaving the city. It is home to great international chefs who offer a wide variety of options in their restaurants: from all Asian food with its differences, to the most exquisite from Europe and Latin America.

In Fort Lauderdale, it is worth knowing both the smaller informal restaurants, as well as the most luxurious places, because the gastronomic experience will always be remarkable.

Fort Lauderdale nightlife

Fort Lauderdale does sleep at night, but it also gets a lot of use out of it… The nightlife of this city has entertainment options for all tastes.

If your thing is to sit in a nice place to have a drink with your friends, there are hundreds of spaces with charming concepts that you must discover; the same if you are looking for the intensity of salsa, merengue or electronic music to dance until your body allows it.

a cultural city

In any case, this city has much more than the traditional places to dance, eat and drink: it offers culture at levels that many of the world’s great metropolises would like.

Fort Lauderdale is full of art exhibitions, and it also has a center dedicated specifically to that: the FATVillage Arts District, where artists from all disciplines meet collectors and art lovers in general.

Of course, expressions in Fort Lauderdale go far beyond the visual arts. The city constantly offers opera, ballet, contemporary dance and concerts of all kinds.

In fact, the Florida Grand Opera, the city’s company, is the seventh oldest in the United States.

The weather is perfect

With a climate that generally varies between 17 and 32 degrees Celsius throughout the year, Fort Lauderdale enjoys some of the best temperatures in the United States.

In the “Venice of America”, summers are long and warm, while winters are short and comfortable.

That allows for a number of outdoor activities that other cities don’t. For example, enjoying its beaches or the emblematic Riverwalk Linear Park, which represents direct and exciting contact with nature.

As if that were not enough, the beaches of Broward County are ideal for practicing water sports such as surfing, kayaking or parasailing.

spectacular neighborhoods

The neighborhoods are one of the reasons people end up more in love with Fort Lauderdale.

There are places to live that cover all tastes, needs and budgets: from apartments and houses to condominiums on the beach.

But the most spectacular of the neighborhoods may be in the 804 kilometers of canals that stretch throughout the city. Hence the nickname of the Venice of America. It is a residential, commercial and tourist fabric that fascinates those who navigate or inhabit it.

Education in Fort Lauderdale

Education in Fort Lauderdale shows high rates of quality and of student achievement and grades.

According to data from Great Schools, Fort Lauderdale students show 51% growth from last year, while the state average growth is 18%. The same goes for grades, as 39% of students are above the Florida average.

These indicators are the result of the quality of education.

In addition to first-rate colleges and universities, Fort Lauderdale has institutions of enormous national prestige, such as the Lingua Language Center, one of the main language schools in Florida, where students and migrants have learned English, and residents have been able to acquire other languages.

Live in constant contact with nature

Despite the urban development of the city, Fort Lauderdale is covered in green everywhere. Living on this side of the Florida coast is having constant contact with nature.

Those who decide to move to Fort Lauderdale will be able to have a completely different option for every weekend for years. This ranges from short cruises—with narration included—through the canals, to Everglades adventures like hiking, airboat rides, and even parasailing.

do business

Investing capital or doing business in something related to tourism is a high return option for those who can afford it. This is due to the high economic movement in Fort Lauderdale, especially in areas related to visitor service.

The constantly developing architecture of the city facilitates the acquisition of ideal commercial premises for all types of projects, and the purchasing power of residents and foreigners facilitates the recovery of investments.

start a new life

When a city offers calm, but at the same time movement, culture, security and growth, it becomes the ideal place to start a new life. But it can also be perfect to spend a season training for the years to come, for example: studying English or another language.

If you want to come to Fort Lauderdale to start a new stage for yourself, write to us at Lingua Language Center. We will offer you the best language courses in Florida, and the correct advice so that you live in this city while you do them.