Andreina Ojeda, President of the Lingua Language Centre at Broward College and a 2015 Latin Woman of Distinction, was among the many distinguished ladies to attend the 2016 South Florida Latin Women of Distinction Event. She was joined by Elaine Vasquez, the event organizer, and other former Latin Women of Distinction.

At the event, Andreina Ojeda spoke of her experience as a Latin Woman of Distinction and shared her story of the challenges she faced to reach her current position. She emphasized that it is essential for Latin women to develop leadership skills, gain knowledge and demonstrate commitment in order to achieve success. Additionally, she encouraged young Latin women to strive for excellence and to use their talents and experiences to make an impact on their communities.

Andreina also discussed how Latin women can be supported in their career development through mentorships, scholarships, and other initiatives. Furthermore, she highlighted the importance of providing a platform for Latin women to network with other professionals who are willing to share their knowledge and resources.

The 2016 South Florida Latin Women of Distinction Event provided an opportunity for Latin women from all walks of life to come together and recognize one another’s accomplishments. It was a powerful reminder that with dedication,