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Learning fruit names in English is very important for the daily life of a migrant in any English-speaking country as well as in Spanish.

By knowing the name of each fruit, you will have no problem asking for them in the supermarket or in a restaurant, and you will be able to understand more complex contexts such as comparisons and metaphors.

All that without counting the benefits that learning the names of fruits in English will bring to your vocabulary, which has two key edges: the ability to communicate and the benefits for the brain.

The fact is that each new word we learn in another language generates multiple neural connections that will bring us long-term benefits, such as preventing dementia and cognitive decline.

And what are the names of the fruits in English that we should learn? There are approximately 2,000 varieties of fruits in the world, although the Western diet includes only 10% of these. In any case, the average person does not even know the name of the 200 we usually consume. So in this article, we have limited ourselves to 30 that we consider to be the main ones.

30 fruit names in English

Here are the 30 fruits we consider the most common. We know that it is possible that some may slip through the cracks. So if you notice that one is missing, we invite you to simply do an internet search to add it to your vocabulary in case you don’t know it.

These are the 30 fruit names in English from our selection:

  • Apple – Manzana
  • Apricot – Albaricoque
  • Avocado – Aguacate
  • Banana – Plátano
  • Blackberry – Mora
  • Blueberry – Arándano
  • Cherry – Cereza
  • Coconut – Coco
  • Cranberry – Arándano
  • Fig – Higo
  • Grape – Uva
  • Grapefruit – Toronja
  • Kiwi – Kiwi
  • Lemon – Limón
  • Lime – Lima
  • Mango – Mango
  • Melon – Melón
  • Nectarine – Nectarina
  • Olive – Aceituna
  • Orange – Naranja
  • Papaya – Papaya or Lechoza
  • Peach – Durazno
  • Pear – Pera
  • Pineapple – Piña
  • Plum – Ciruelo
  • Pomegranate – Granada
  • Raspberry – Frambuesa
  • Strawberry – Fresa
  • Tangerine – Mandarina
  • Watermelon – Sandía

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