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We know that many people are looking for affordable, high quality online language classes. But just as the demand is great, the supply is also enormous.

So we decided to simplify the picture for you by showing you the best online language classes we offer at Lingua Language Center, which also have the most competitive prices in the market if you take into account the level offered, the quality of the methodology and the totality of the resources available.

The main characteristic of the compendium of our online language classes is that they are aimed at each of the different preferences and needs of our students.

So we cover all levels, from basic to advanced, and all required specializations.

For example, we have online English, French or Portuguese classes for those who do not speak any of these languages, for those who understand them and need to perfect them, for those who are looking to reduce their accent.

But, in the case of English, we have courses for professionals and students of different careers who need to master the jargon of their field: doctors, lawyers, journalists, businessmen…

All these classes are offered through state-of-the-art technology in education with our own platform that has all the necessary resources to apply our teaching method.

But let’s take a look at these affordable and high quality online courses that we want to present to you as the best options…

Lingua Language Center’s Online Language Classes

Next, we invite you to think about the language you would like to learn, the level you think you have and the specialty you are looking for. This way you will be able to identify which is the ideal course for you.

Online English courses

At Lingua Language Center we offer a wide variety of online English courses: from beginner programs to advanced classes, from part-time courses to true immersion in the language.

We also have specialized classes for those who want to understand, for example, all the jargon of the career they are studying or practicing.

Online French classes

Our online French classes are supported by native teachers with the highest pedagogical skills and in compliance with our patented teaching style.

When students complete our online French course, they have immediate access to all the job opportunities that this language offers worldwide.

French remains one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, and often opens doors in areas such as fashion, art, literature and international trade.

Online Portuguese classes

Although the Portuguese is a language that is particularly easy for speakers of Romance languages (all languages that come from Latin, such as Spanish, French or Italian), being one of them, the method we use in our academy allows it to be easy for people of all cultures.

While it is true that Portuguese is a language spoken in many countries, its greatest value is the opportunity to open professional paths in Brazil, which in terms of market is not just another country, but a whole universe of possibilities.

Online Italian lessons

This is an opportunity for lovers of culture, art, fashion, food and sports. But also for those who are looking to do high-level business or are about to obtain an Italian citizenship.

It is known that the global Italian community is huge, and that descendants of Italians can acquire their nationality by the principle of ius sanguinis. But few people know that the partners of heirs of that nationality are obliged to learn the language.

This is one of the main reasons why the demand for Italian lessons has multiplied, and if you can take them online, so much the better…

Online medical English and Spanish classes

If you are a graduate of a health-related career, such as Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, or Nursing, or if you are studying any of these, and want to learn English or Spanish, these classes are for you.

They are real reviews of the jargon related to the world of health, with which you will be able to present legal equivalences in the country to which you have migrated, or to which you intend to move.

All our language classes are backed by our track record: they are made to be efficient and made possible by our teaching staff.

Write to us today to get all the information you need about the online language classes we have for you.