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“The limits of your language are the limits of your world,” said the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, a phrase that we will try to explain in this text about why people should learn English.

Many will have noticed that the sense of humor of people who speak one language is different from those who speak another. That’s because language is not only a form of communication but also a way of seeing the world.

By studying, for example, English, we create new synaptic connections that help us understand the world in another way – in a more practical, efficient, and varied way, given the number of words that exist in that language.

Para tener una idea, To get an idea about this, the Spanish Royal Academy’s dictionary has 93,000 words and the Oxford dictionary has 414,800 words. This fact calls us to reflect: Are the limits of our language the limits of our world?

The answer does not fall on deaf ears, nor is it a cause for concern if we think that it is always possible to learn a new language.

But beyond this, let’s review some reasons that explain to us why we should study English:

1. It is thelingua franca

The English language is considered thelingua franca, or universal language of the world today because it is the most popular language chosen by people who choose to learn a second language.

2. Multiply your job opportunities

If you know only Spanish or French, you can work with companies that speak these languages.

By contrast, if you add English to your repertoire, you’ll be multiplying your possibilities by also allowing you the option of working in all the companies where English is spoken, which are the world’s leading companies today.

3. English is thelanguage of science

If you go to a science class in Germany, you will be surprised to notice that even if everyone in the room speaks German, the explanation will be given in English.

That is because English is the language of science and it is the language in which scientific knowledge is disseminated most rapidly throughout the world.

4. Itopens up opportunities for you in the United States

The United States, along with China, is the leading country in economic development and technological innovation. Speaking English in the United States gives you the chance of obtaining an entry-level position in an American company and opens up a whole new world.

5. It became the language of culture

Until the mid-20th century, French was the language related to culture, social sciences, and the performing arts. The development of cinema, a product of the American economic boom, made English the most sought-after language of the entertainment industry today.

6. You can do more business

With regard to the fields of business and international trade, English allows you to relate to all the cultures of the planet. That’s because trade leaders in each country trade mainly in English no matter who they are dealing with.

7. You become smarter

Studying English, like any other language, generates synaptic connections that increase neuronal plasticity and makes us smarter.

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