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Studying English in the United States is an opportunity whose value is widely known, although not precisely. Also, thanks to initiatives like those of the Lingua Language Center, it is more possible than most people think.

The advantages of studying English in the United States begin with immersion in the language. That makes the absorption of words, commands, and jargon much more effective.

Being in an English-speaking country, communicating in the language ceases to be an option and becomes a necessity. It is at this point that our survival instinct kicks in: we activate the parts of our brain that allow us to adapt to the environment and involuntarily convince ourselves that English is the only option.

Then there are the social advantages… In the case of the state of Florida, which is where the Lingua Language Center is located, multiculturalism is guaranteed. In our schools, it is possible to constantly interact with people of all nationalities and create a global village environment that is beneficial for all kinds of people, but especially for students at different levels of training.

This environment is achieved in each of our locations, specifically located in Fort Lauderdale, Weston, Orlando, and Doral.

Study English in the United States in a university environment

Our school is part of the Broward College community. That’s why students who choose campuses located in Broward County (Fort Lauderdale, Weston, or Coconut Creek) have access to a true college campus experience. Our Doral campus is part of Millennia Atlantic University. That means unlimited access to study center facilities, free parking, and many other benefits.

Opportunities are open for Latin Americans and students from all over the world. Lingua Language Center complete advice to cover all legal and stay aspects, and even various plans that adapt to the needs of each student.

Write us today! We are ready to turn your English learning process into an unforgettable experience.