If you are looking for an English institute in Orlando to study the language at any level, Lingua Language Center is the main option to consider.

Our school offers a unique learning experience thanks to our patented methodology: EnterTraining℠ , which combines entertainment with constant and advanced training.

This methodology follows the principles of neurolinguistics, that is, it uses multisensory practices such as visual, auditory, and physical activities that accelerate the acquisition of English.

We have a wide variety of English courses in Orlando: from intensive to different modalities for individuals and companies.

And it is that we not only offer the general teaching of English but also specific classes of business, medical, legal English, etc…

Are you looking for an English institute in Orlando? Lingua Language Center!

Learning at an English institute in Orlando before university is a great option for your professional future

Universities in the United States require a level of English that Lingua Language Center can provide, and acquiring it in Orlando is an opportunity of a lifetime…

This city in the state of Florida has a warm climate where there is rain or sun all year round, it also has 600 kilometers of beaches and is one of the cheapest cities in the country because it has no income taxes.

As if that were not enough, Orlando offers constant interaction with all kinds of cultures and is only 10 minutes from the most famous amusement parks on the planet: Walt Disney World.

Consequently, from every point of view, it is worth improving your English in this city before entering university.

In addition to serving residents who want to improve their English, our Orlando campus is authorized by US Federal Law to enroll non-migrant foreign students.

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