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Are you ready to pass the TOEFL? At Lingua Language Center we have all the induction and support you need to make this exam easy for you and get a good grade.

Our teachers teach classes under a multisensory system that accelerates the acquisition of knowledge by students.

Our methods allow a deep understanding of oral and written English. In other words, those who prepare for the TOEFL with the Lingua Language Center will be able to write, speak and read the language with surprising fluency.

It is not about sitting down to listen to the class and simply doing the practices, our academy bases its techniques on a constant conversation because it values the power of the interactive.

Preparing for the TOEFL requires personalized training as offered by the Lingua Language Center, whose educators also constantly offer the necessary and specific recommendations to study at home.

Why do you need to pass the TOEFL?

The main reason why young people choose the TOEFL today is to access universities in the United States.

However, universities in other countries also use the TOEFL to accept students.

Not to mention the large number of companies that use this test as a scale to recruit their staff.

Various studies carried out by North American universities have concluded that the TOEFL is slightly more complicated than an average text written in English, as a direct consequence of the use of academic language.

The positive thing for students whose mother tongue is of Latin origin (Spanish, French or Portuguese) is that the academic language in English is full of terms that will be familiar to them.

All these advantages are used by Lingua teachers to accelerate learning and prepare students for the test.

How is the TOEFL?

During 20 minutes, you will have to read 750 words and answer 14 multiple-choice questions.

Fortunately, with Lingua you have everything you need to pass that exam.

Lingua Language Center is in the main cities of the state of Florida, in the United States, ready to help you in this and other paths of your training.