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Getting academic document translation services in Florida is not that easy. Above all, extensive knowledge is required to meet quality standards, and because there are requirements that not every translator can meet.

The most practical and direct solution is the one offered by Lingua Language Center, an institution with extensive experience in academic translations in the state of Florida.

Lingua works with the agencies authorized by the United States government to process evaluations and degree equivalencies, as well as certified notes

The high demand for this type of translation is no coincidence. It has to do with the intention of satisfying what universities, schools, and technical institutes expect to receive.

Experience makes the difference: Lingua is your best choice for academic document translation services

The translators and linguists of our institution have been working for the public and private sectors since 1998. That is why they are able to preserve the precision of each language and achieve excellence in each new challenge.

Lingua has had among its principles the selection of professionals of the highest level so that they can do translations from English to a foreign language, and vice versa, with the best possible quality.

Apart from academic translations, we have experts in legal, corporate, technical, medical, immigration, and literary translations.

If you need any type of translation, contact one of Lingua’s offices in Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Doral, and Weston.

We are ready to face any challenge in academics or any other kind of translation. Write us today!