If you are in Florida and you are looking for Italian classes, Lingua Language Center is presented as your best option due to its trajectory, methodology, availability and adaptation to your time.

With more than 20 years teaching languages in Florida, Lingua School offers direct contact with the language of the arts, fashion, culture and good food.

From its headquarters in Orlando and Doral, or through its digital platform, this institution guarantees an effective learning process in a language spoken by around 80 million people in the world.

The face-to-face classes last 6 weeks, while the online course lasts 9 weeks. Both forms are divided into 36 academic hours of constant advancement in the language.

The importance of learning Italian

Beyond the specific motivations of each person to learn Italian , the language opens doors in countries such as Italy, Switzerland, San Marino, Slovenia and the famous Vatican City.

But that obviously includes key points to enter big companies like FIAT , Ferrari , Enel , Eni , Generali Group, Ray-Ban or TIM .

Furthermore, in the world of fashion, cities like Milan continue to be very important, since working or doing business in the area of haute couture will largely depend on the ability to communicate in Italian .

Best Italian Classes in Florida

If you are interested in learning Italian and you are in Doral or Orlando, ask about the Lingua Language Center face-to-face courses. And if you are in any other part of the world, write to us for our online classes . Today is a great day to take the first step towards acquiring a new language.