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It is normal for young people to ask themselves this question: Can I study English and work in the USA? And the correct answer is yes, of course you can! But under certain very specific conditions.

If you want to study English and work in the USA pay attention to the following facts

It should be noted first that those who come to the United States to study and have applied for an F-1 Visa to enter the country, will not be able to work except in very specific cases.

The F-1 Visa is granted by the U.S. government solely and exclusively for full-time study in the United States.

But if someone wants to come to study, and simultaneously work, what they should do is apply for a J-1 Visa, which offers the opportunity to be employed part-time in multiple areas such as restaurants, childcare, and hotels, among others.

Of course, the J-1 visa is generally granted to certain types of people, such as summer camp counselors, interns, experts in certain areas who want to specialize further, doctors, etc…

In all these cases, English applies because it is part of today’s most relevant training. In any case, most people usually arrive on U.S. soil with an F-1 Visa, so we will explain in which cases it is possible to work with one of those.

Those who entered the country with an F-1 may initially work only on the university campus or at the school where they are studying. But when they complete exactly one uninterrupted academic year, they can also apply for internships or a work permit from the Immigration Service.

Such permission is obtained by requesting authorization from the Designated School Official and then taking it to Immigration. But the student must demonstrate that he/she has been studying full-time and that he/she really needs to work in order to obtain funds and complete his/her education.

Where to study English in the USA?

If you want to study English in the USA, you should know that Lingua Language Center is one of the schools with the best reputation and longest tradition in the state of Florida, where we have several locations in different cities.

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Our courses can be intensive, semi-intensive, or part-time. This means that those who are already in the United States and also need to work will have time to simultaneously learn English in an efficient and fast way.

We also have total immersion programs, designed for international students to spend several weeks in the United States learning English in the perfect environment.

This immersion package includes accommodation, meals, excursions, and, of course, the entire academic program. Contact us today to take the first step for you or your children to learn English in the United States.