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The TEDx Broward College event was held at Central Campus in Davie, Florida, last October 26th and was broadcasted live on all Broward College campuses. It was an incredible opportunity to not only meet inspiring speakers with varied topics, but to also connect with like-minded people.

The enthusiasm of the audience was palpable and everyone agreed that it was a successful event. The speakers were engaging and their knowledge of the topics discussed was extensive. It was truly a pleasure to attend TEDx Broward College and the stories shared will stay with us for a long time.

The event demonstrated that when passionate people come together to learn and share ideas, great things can happen. We are looking forward to the next edition of TEDx Broward College, as it promises to be even more meaningful and exciting than before!

TEDx Broward College

It was an enlightening evening, as the discussion on art, culture and technology had many unique perspectives. Lingua Language Center was proud to play its part in this discourse, and it was especially encouraging to hear from Claudia Mariann Diaz, a former student of our Intensive English Program.

Claudia is currently attending Broward College and she spoke about how micro-learning can bring significant benefits to the field of education and training. With the rise of digital learning tools, micro-learning is becoming increasingly popular.

At Lingua Language Center, we recognize the potential of these tools and are constantly striving to incorporate them into our curriculum. We believe in providing a well-rounded learning experience that combines traditional methods with the latest technological advancements. This approach helps our students gain the necessary skills and knowledge they need to succeed in today’s world.

Lingua GO, as the application is known, has become a pocket guide for all Lingua Language Center students. This innovative technology adds further flexibility to the school’s Enter-Traning℠ Methodology by providing a learning tool that can be used anytime and everywhere.

Thanks Claudia Diaz for this valuable contribution!