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Whoever is looking for a conference interpreter in Fort Lauderdale should make sure that he or she is a qualified person so that the message to be transmitted reaches the recipients without any kind of distortion.

Lingua Language Center has certified interpreters characterized by professionalism and excellence.

This prestigious school offers telephone and remote video interpreting, conference interpreters, interpreters for trials and depositions, and interpreters for business meetings.

Characteristics an interpreter should have

An interpreter must have a series of characteristics to be able to perform satisfactorily. The main one is to have a perfect knowledge of the language in which you are going to transmit certain information or speech. You do not necessarily have to be a native speaker, what is important is a perfect command of the language and the linguistic register.

In addition, an interpreter must have great analytical skills to ensure that the message is conveyed correctly and that no detail is overlooked. It is also essential that you have the ability to synthesize information.

Other characteristics that cannot be lacking in an interpreter are good retentiveness, concentration, ability to work under pressure, and capacity for improvisation. Conference interpreters in particular must lack stage fright and have a very good image.

The most qualified conference interpreters in Fort Lauderdale can be found at Lingua Language Center.

Lingua Language Center Interpreter Services

If you are looking for a conference interpreter in Fort Lauderdale or any other major city in Florida, you can rely on the services of Lingua Language Center. Everything they offer is tailored to the needs and requirements of each person or company.

There are several types of interpretation and this qualified institute makes them available to its clients.

The first one is on-the-spot or scheduled telephone interpreting in about 150 languages. Scheduled telephone calls are charged on an hourly basis and instant calls are charged on a per-minute basis. It is also possible to hire the remote service of an interpreter for a videoconference involving several people.

Simultaneous interpretation for conferences is another option offered by this institute. In addition, they provide the necessary equipment such as interpreters’ booths, and microphones, among others, so that the meeting can be carried out effectively.

Consecutive interpreting, which is ideal for negotiations, training workshops, arbitration, etc., or the whispering technique, can also be requested.

Each person or company chooses the type of interpretation that suits their needs. The important thing is to make sure that they are 100% professional interpreters like the ones offered by Lingua Language Center.