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Those who wonder if people speak English in Miami should know that yes, it is the language that serves as a bridge between all the languages spoken in the city, and the one that allows them to do business and grow exponentially in any area of life.

In Miami, 70% of the population speaks Spanish due to the large Hispanic community present. However, it is also the U.S. city where the most Native Americans speak a second language, usually Spanish.

In other words, Miami is, in any case, a mainly bilingual city where languages such as Creole, Portuguese, Russian, etc., are also spoken very frequently.

Yes, people speak English in Miami

It is estimated that 25% of the population of the city of Miami is native English speaker; of these, about 74% speak other languages.

On the other hand, according to data from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, one-third of the Hispanic population in Miami considers that their English is not fluent.

In fact, only 25% of the adult population believes they speak English correctly.

In any case, all social and economic indicators point to the fact that Hispanics who learn English are more likely to dramatically improve their personal and family finances.

Where to learn English in Miami?

Among the many options for learning English in Miami, Lingua Language Center is one of the most attractive due to its reputation, student absorption capacity, and methodology.

Regarding Miami, our school has locations in Doral, Weston, and Fort Lauderdale, strategically located to meet the needs of different areas of the metropolis.

So if you have considered Miami as the city where you are going to learn English, don’t let anything stop you.

You know that people speak English in Miami and even where to study the language in a planned way and under an effective method.

Write us today so we can give you all the information you need to come and spend a unique time in Miami learning the language that moves the world.