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Quick question: Do you know when to use I and me in English? Are you sure you can’t get confused? Let’s see…

I and me are personal pronouns that we use to refer to the first person singular, that is, the “I”. But they have different applications.

Although for most intermediate English learners this is an easy question to answer, there are many people who don’t know even if they are trying to learn English.

When to use I in English?

“I” is the officially the first person singular. It is used just before the verb.

  • I’m happy –
  • When they were celebrating, I was working.
  • Juan and I are waiting for you to leave

When to use me in English?

“Me” is used as the receiver of the verb, and not as the performer -which is the case of “I”.

  • She is watching me right now.
  • They love me.
  • Gonzalo invited John and me to the party.

The great confusion about when to use I and me in English

In any case, there is one circumstance in which people are often mistaken about when to use I and me in English. In fact, this misconception is common even among English speakers.

Doubt is generated when the connection between two subjects appears . But it is not difficult: just apply the rules already seen above: If the persons are the subject of the verb, I is used; if they are not, me is used.

  • Mike and I watched the movie
  • Peter showed Mike and me his home.

Everything that will happen when you start learning English

When you start learning English a lot of exciting things will happen in your brain. As you may have noticed, English grammar rules can be easy and fun.

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