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For various legal or labor situations, institutions and companies continually seek the services of a professional interpreter in Florida.

Although there are many options to achieve this, what Lingua Language Center offers goes beyond simultaneous translation and delves into the needs of various disciplines and situations.

Using exactly the words equivalent to what was meant is a trade that touches and transmits the depths of the human psyche and allows the parties involved to advance correctly in the common purpose.

The Polish writer, Nobel Prize for Literature, Isaac Bashevis Singer said: ” Translation is the essence of modern civilization.”

Lingua Language Center has among its team of professionals certified translators and interpreters in several languages to deal naturally and efficiently with all kinds of situations.

For example, we have people with extensive experience in telephone and video interpreting, as well as experienced face-to-face conference interpreters in several major cities in the state of Florida.

Interpreters for trials and affidavits

Before the law, words must be transmitted especially well because they can bring about significant changes in people’s lives.

That is why we have interpreters for trials and affidavits, who are professionals who take great care in reproducing what the parties really wanted to say.

This and other services are available at our locations in Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Doral, and Weston.

Business meetings

The same thing happens when we remove the limitations of language in business meetings. For those cases, we also have expert interpreters who handle the jargon of the corporate world and investments for a perfect understanding between executives.

In fact, we seek to specify in detail the quality of communication in different areas. In this way, we make the conversations so fluid that the interpreter becomes imperceptible even though he builds all the possible bridges so that people speak without having to handle the same languages.