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Individuals looking for language translation services can count on the expertise of the professionals at Lingua Language Center, a company with four locations in Florida, and a global reputation.

Lingua has been translating all types of documents since the late 1990s, and today has linguists with expertise in several languages and in every field.

So whether it’s legal documents, scientific papers, literary works, or any kind of text, there will always be an expert at your disposal at Lingua Language Center.

Why hire language translation services?

Language translation services are necessary to validate texts before the authorities of each country. They can be used to verify an academic degree, process an immigration status, or legalize a business. As well as to disseminate research in any area of knowledge.

This service is known as certified translations since translators must have the endorsement of the State for their work to be legal.

Which languages can we translate at Lingua?

Thanks to our extensive staff, we are able to translate texts into the main modern languages of the Western world, such as English, German, Creole, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and other languages.

But also, because we have a network of international translators, we can really translate from and into any living language.

We have been doing it since 1998, and we have all the certifications required for sworn translations.

Types of language translation services

There are several types of language translation in linguists’ jargon, and we handle them all at Lingua. Below, we will review some of them:

Sworn translations

These are translations of titles and documents that require a legal character. They can only be performed by translators with the appropriate certification, and all Lingua translators have this certification.

Financial translation

These are the ones that are executed on economic and financial topics. The translator must have extensive knowledge of the subject matter to do so, as there are quite specific technical terms.

Court translation

It is the one that has to do with the courts of justice and is used to deal with cases in multiple areas that always have to do with compliance and non-compliance with the laws before the authorities of each country.

Scientific translations

They generally have to do with the health area, although they also have to do with everything related to applied sciences. As in all areas, at Lingua we pay the utmost attention to understanding what we are translating in order to communicate it effectively.

Technical translations

Sometimes they usually appear in the same section as the scientific ones, but we understand that many times they are separated when they involve new technologies in areas such as mechanics, physics, and engineering, among others…

Informative translations

Those have to do with texts that will be presented to the public, both to specific niches and to people in general.

Literary translations

These are translations of literary works such as poetry, fiction, non-fiction, essays, theater, etc… We understand that in this type of work the author’s style must be maintained, and we strive to respect the author’s twists, innovations, and aesthetic contributions.

Features of our language translation services

The language translation services we provide at Lingua have features that all our clients are looking for, and even others that are true differential values.

For example, we can layout texts, edit them in case of grammatical or spelling errors, evaluate certified notes, interpret the local color and spirit of each document and manage projects of any size.

On the other hand, we are known to deliver on time, to work under any level of urgency, and to keep absolute confidentiality.

If you are looking for language translation services, don’t hesitate for a moment: trust Lingua Language Center. We are waiting for you, so write us right now.