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If you have already studied English and lack of practice has robbed you of communication skills, then what you need is online English conversation classes.

Being able to speak several hours a week in English with a professional linguist who will correct your pronunciation, provide you with vocabulary and guide you through the correct grammatical forms will quickly improve all aspects of your English.

That’s right: the English conversation classes must have an established and proven method, and be really led by a teacher with high pedagogical skills.

Consequently, we offer you the academic services of Lingua Language Center, a language school with a patented teaching strategy that has enabled thousands of people to learn English since 1998.

Benefits of online English conversation classes

Online English conversation classes bring multiple benefits that are beyond the obvious. In order for you to have a clear idea, and to make a final decision, we will tell you the following.

Solve real situations

The online English conversation classes will allow you to practice with real examples of the situations you will face when you are in any English-speaking country.

Teachers usually start by asking you questions from your daily life and then go into different topics simulating to the letter what happens in reality.

This allows you to interpret different contexts and respond and act as you would in your native language.

You lose the fear of communicating

With online English conversation classes, it doesn’t matter if the student is shy or outgoing in nature. In the end, you will get the tools you need to communicate correctly.

You will lose your fear of speaking because you will understand perfectly what is being said to you and you will know how to respond.

Vocabulary enhancement

With a professional linguist as a teacher, it is possible to acquire new words on an ongoing basis.

But there is more. In addition to new words, you learn new expressions and idioms useful for communicating naturally in English.

Increased concentration and comprehension

Another advantage of taking online conversational English classes is that students will be able to acquire better listening comprehension skills, as well as concentration when listening to English words.

Online English Conversation Classes at Lingua Language Center

Lingua Language Center‘s online English conversation classes can be taken in three modalities: group, semi-personalized and personalized.

In other words, they can be simulating a classroom from the comfort of your home or office, in small groups of three or two students, or a direct meeting with the teacher in the case of personalized classes.

All these modalities are adjusted to the different time requirements of the students. So they are ideal for those who work part-time or full-time, or for those who study.

Write to us today so we can give you all the information you need to enroll in our next English program.