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If you want to study in the USA at a TOP university, it is important to know that English language proficiency is crucial to increase your chances of being accepted. In fact, according to a survey conducted by the educational portal Study International, 80% of the TOP universities in the United States require a high level of English from their applicants.

English has become one of the most important languages in the world, as it is used in a wide range of fields, including academia. A good level of English will be essential for you to communicate, understand academic material, write quality essays and gain access to a large number of academic programs, where you will be able to further your career, broaden your horizons and have a unique international experience.

Today, it is essential to learn English to improve your personal and professional prospects. More and more people around the world are adopting this language as their second language to gain competitive advantages.

If you are concerned about funding, most universities also offer scholarships and study abroad opportunities for students who demonstrate a good level of English. Scholarships may fund 100% of tuition and housing expenses in some cases.

You are probably wondering: How can I study in the USA?

Some TOP universities in the USA such as Harvard, MIT, and Stanford pay close attention to the student’s CV. Lingua Language Center with educational affiliations with university counseling firms, advises foreign students to gain attention from large universities by studying in some certified courses, such as summer camps or institutions, which are associated with many universities.

Another important step, in addition to having a good CV, is to have a good TOEFL and IELTS score. These tests are essential in the admissions process and are required by many universities to demonstrate students’ level of English.

To increase your chances of being accepted to the best universities in the U.S., here are some tips:

  • Spend enough time learning English: If you are not a native English speaker, it is important to dedicate adequate time to learning the language before applying to universities. Be sure to practice grammar, vocabulary, and speaking and writing skills on a regular basis.
  • Take the TOEFL or IELTS seriously: These exams are a fundamental way of demonstrating your level of English, so it is important to take them seriously, prepare adequately, and present the best results.
  • Practice your written and oral expression: The ability to communicate fluently in English is vital. Spend time practicing your ability to express yourself correctly and understandably both orally and in writing.

Finally, keep in mind that studying English in the USA can help you get into the university of your dreams, but it is only part of the process. If you need help studying at a prestigious university anywhere in the world, Lingua, through its educational partners, can help you with its college counseling services and specialized advice for students interested in studying abroad. Don’t wait any longer and if you need a hand to guide you through the process, don’t hesitate to contact them.