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Writing is one of the most relevant talents of the digital age, and those who know how to write in English properly will have multiple job opportunities, both now and in the coming years.

Of course, those who are professionally engaged in writing have doubts about the future of their work, now that artificial intelligence has demonstrated its ability to do great research in just seconds, and to write using any style.

But the originality of human beings and their ability to create new possibilities in writing will continue to set the standard, basically because new ideas originate first in the mind and only when they are published do they reach the Internet.

As a result, those who can write well – and have creativity and good ideas – will continue to be highly sought after in all areas of work that require communication.

But there is still a huge difference between writing in English and writing in any other language. English is the universal language of science and commerce, and serves as a medium for most of the existing knowledge.

So if you are studying English, and you want to learn how to write really well in English, you have come to the right place. Here we will give you 10 practical tips to help your grammar become top-notch.

In any case, it will be good to emphasize that the application of these tips should be accompanied by English classes, as only a professional can really accelerate your learning process and correct you step by step.

10 tips for writing in English

  • He reads a lot. American writer Stephen King says, “If you don’t have time to read, you won’t have the tools to write.” Reading is the way writers are trained professionally, and it is exactly the same for those seeking to learn to write in English. Every word, every paragraph, every grammatical construction you read will add strength to what you write in the future.
  • Keep an English-Spanish dictionary handy. Use a physical dictionary. Your cell phone is a huge distraction that can take your focus away from your purpose when you are studying English. The dictionary will allow you to fall in love with the language little by little.
  • Take a course to improve your grammar. With the help of teachers who are also professional linguists, you will be able to achieve great goals in a short time and understand the rationale behind each structure. Remember that in English sentences have a specific order that you must respect in order to be understood.
  • Keeps a diary in English. Tell everything you did during the day in a notebook, write about your projects, narrate your present… This way you will be covering different verb tenses while you relate more and more to writing.
  • Check your spelling. Every time you finish writing a paragraph, read it again to see where you went wrong. This is something that writers and journalists do in all languages and that will help you to write in English correctly.
  • Find someone to read you. If someone else reads what you wrote, you will know where you went wrong and you will also see if you have a readable and attractive style.
  • Copy those who know. Don’t feel guilty for trying to write like others. If you copy the best and copy them well, sooner or later your writing will find its own differential value.
  • Try reading differently. You already know that you should always read a lot, now let’s talk about how to read. When you pick up a book or text in English again, look at which words are written with an initial capital letter, see when hyphens are used, where punctuation marks are, when commas or periods are used… All those details count, and they are what make the difference.
  • What to read? Be careful when choosing your readings. Avoid making the mistakes that others make. That’s why it’s best to play it safe and read the best. Look for books by renowned writers, read prestigious newspapers…
  • Apply Ernest Hemingway’s style: more periods, fewer commas; short, punchy sentences; avoid unnecessary adjectives; be direct.

If you apply these tips you will be closer to being able to write correctly in English. But the real step will be to start taking classes.

Advanced Grammar Classes for writing in English

At Lingua Language Center, we offer an Advanced Grammar course that may be useful to you in your English writing endeavors. You can receive it online or from any of our schools in Florida, USA.

We also have English classes ideal for those who are in the literary world or want to become professional writers. Those classes are in another course, called Literature and Composition.

Write to us now to find out what we can do for you at our academy.