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Effective language education at Lingua Language Center

“Our mission is to provide effective language education,
thus ensuring the mastery of a new language”

Lingua Language Center is devoted to fulfilling the mission of empowering students as well as language service clients with effective communication in English, Spanish, and many other languages of the world.

Lingua offers quality language education through a proven natural, multi-sensory approach, delivered by professional educators who utilize engaging materials and technology, ensuring students’ success in the acquisition and mastery of a new language. We provide this education through language immersion in an ethical and professional, yet relaxed, environment.

Why is Lingua Language Center a Prestigious Language School?

Lingua has a clear mission based on providing excellent language education to ensure mastery of the language. Lingua demonstrates its commitment to excellence through its ethical and moral values, which revolve around teamwork and a strong leadership model. This serves as clear proof of its exceptional qualities. Our program promotes high levels of language proficiency, academic achievement, and a positive intercultural attitude.

Lingua offers students the opportunity to become fluent in a language foreign to them, whether English, Spanish, or any other language.

Our support can help students develop an understanding and appreciation for diverse cultures, enabling them to become global citizens and equipping them to thrive in today’s competitive world.

Following the latest trends in language acquisition, the new language is taught through a multi-sensory natural approach, in a technology-enhanced total immersion environment.

The school maintains a database of certified faculty trained in this approach. It provides students with the linguistic skills, knowledge, and work ethics necessary for appropriate academic, professional, and personal development.

Lingua offers advice to students, guiding them for the duration of their studies from the moment they are admitted to the school until the completion of their program, not only in academic matters but also for housing, transportation, medical insurance, and guidance to higher education.

Lingua is authorized by the United States Federal Government through the Department of Homeland Security to enroll non-immigrant foreign students. Upon enrollment, Lingua provides international students with the I-20 Form that they they submit to DHS for an F-1 visa. Another important service provided to our students is the facilitation of a smooth transition should they wish to transfer to an institution of higher education in the US.

Lingua is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET) which provides the highest level of accreditation at the national level for language schools.

We offer students extensive resources to practice the new language outside of the classroom and to experience a rich student life, which includes access to Broward College’s facilities, and student activities, such as excursions, art exhibits, music performances, theater, dance, workshops, and other events.

Lingua also offers students discounts for local events, restaurants, shops, movies, public transportation, free parking, and free Wi-Fi.


• To promote high levels of competency in English and foreign languages, academic achievement and positive cross-cultural attitudes.

• To give students the opportunity to become fluent in English and foreign languages.
• To help students appreciate the value of diverse cultures and embrace the concept of becoming global citizens.
• To prepare students to compete in the modern world by teaching them with a natural multisensory approach and utilizing technology in the classroom.
• To provide students with the skills, knowledge, and work ethics for their successful academic, professional and personal linguistic development.
• To offer students consultative services regarding placement in higher education institutions, housing, transportation through partnerships within the community.
• To promote principles of equality, freedom and social justice among our students, particularly based on the existing diversity of our student base.

Lingua Language Center History

Lingua Language Center Founders - Learn English and Foreing Languages in Florida
Lingua Language Center Founders - Learn English and Foreing Languages in Florida

Lingua Language Center (LINGUA) was founded in Weston, Florida in 1998. LINGUA is a minority, woman-owned  business, holding a business enterprise certification in Broward County, Florida, and a Federal Minority Business Enterprise certification. Business entrepreneur and founder Andreina Ojeda holds a B.A. in Modern Languages and a M.A. International Studies. Since its inception, the school’s mission has been to provide effective language education leading to the mastery of a new language, through a proven communicative approach to language training, called EnterTraining ℠ (entertainment and training.) A brief synopsis follows:


LINGUA is founded in Weston, Florida.


The BROWARD COLLEGE/LINGUA LANGUAGE CENTER PARTNERSHIP is inaugurated, as LINGUA begins offering corporate language training to Broward College’s private and public affiliate organizations, such as Tri-rail, Broward Health, Perry Ellis International, NBC/Telemundo, etc.


LINGUA obtains accreditation from the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET), the most prestigious national accrediting agency for language schools. The school also becomes certified by the DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY to enroll non-immigrant alien students.


The BROWARD COLLEGE/LINGUA LANGUAGE CENTER PARTNERSHIP consolidates, as LINGUA moves to the BROWARD COLLEGE FORT LAUDERDALE CENTER and expands its offerings to include the Intensive English Program (IEP) and Modalities, professional and college preparatory English programs, and an array of foreign language programs which the school continues to offer, at a significantly broader scope.  Some examples of courses offered are conversation and accent, test preparation, Business English, Legal English/Spanish, Medical English/Spanish, and other industry-specialized fields.

2013 – Present

The BROWARD COLLEGE/LINGUA LANGUAGE CENTER PARTNERSHIP consolidates, as LINGUA moves to the BROWARD COLLEGE FORT LAUDERDALE CENTER and expands its offering to include the intensive English program and Modalities, many professional and college preparatory English programs, and an array of foreign languages which the school still offers at a much larger scope. Some examples are conversation and accent, test preparation, English/Spanish for Business, Law, Medicine and other industry-specialized fields.


LINGUA expands, opening a new Center at BROWARD COLLEGE WESTON CENTER.


LINGUA enters into a partnership with MILLENIA ATLANTIC UNIVERSITY in Doral, Miami-Dade, where LINGUA settles into its third South Florida Center.


LINGUA opens its fourth center in Coconut Creek, at BROWARD COLLEGE NORTH CAMPUS, now serving the North, South, East, and West areas of South Florida.


LINGUA launches its Interactive Online programs, providing remote language education with live instructors and classmate interaction, so that students can participate in the different proven LINGUA programs worldwide from the comfort of their homes.


Lingua Language Center has been a provider of professional Translation Services since 1998. The mission of T&I at LINGUA is to empower language service clients with effective communication in many languages of the world. LINGUA provides written translation and Interpreting Services, now also over the phone and video. Lingua’s high-quality translations and interpretations are the result of a combination of many years of experience in the field and the selection of the most capable expert linguist translators and interpreters, who are qualified native speakers, certified and specialized in their area of expertise. Service is provided to/from English and 60+ foreign languages, at competitive rates. LINGUA is a member of the American Translator’s Association and Federal Minority Certified Business Enterprise and Broward County Certified Business Enterprise. It provides services to Government Agencies, Non-Profit Organizations, Corporations and Individuals both, domestically and internationally.

Lingua’s Methodology

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Communication in the language of study occurs through

  • Dialogues
  • Role playing
  • Oral drills
  • Pair and group work

We stress

  • Knowledge of Key Cultural Nuances
  • Immersion & Accelerated Learning Techniques
  • Learning by Experience
  • Integration of all Language Skills

To attain our goals, we use a combination of resources, such as

  • Games
  • Audio/Video
  • Apps
  • Internet
  • Realia

Lingua’s direct, natural approach to language training is called Enter-TrainingSM, (entertainment and training). It is technology-enhanced. Following the principles of neuro-linguistics (multi-sensory practice through visual, auditory and physical activities), we promote rapid language acquisition of communication skills for learners at all levels. Oral communication is primarily emphasized during class time, unless your program of study aims at a particularly different goal, i.e. TOEFL test preparation. In the case of customized programs, you will fill out a Student Profiles and Objectives form and take a Preferred Senses test to determine what your optimum learning channels are, so that your program is designed accordingly.

You will communicate confidently in a variety of situations. Since cross-cultural communication has become imperative to achieving social, professional, and academic success, all our programs emphasize the culture of the countries where the language of study is spoken. Language structure, pronunciation and vocabulary presented in the context of oral interaction will give you prompt conversational command of the language. Grammar is presented as a tool for communicative competence rather than an isolated skill. Classes are practical and client-centered.