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Are you looking for English classes for teenagers in Florida? If so, take advantage of the English programs currently being offered by Lingua Language Center, one of the most reputable academies in the Southeastern United States.

Although it has been more than proven that it is possible to learn a language at any age, multiple studies also point out that adolescence may be the last opportunity a person has to acquire a language natively. That is due to the presence of learning spikes in the brain still ready to adapt to new knowledge.

In addition, when a teenager learns a new language, he or she has the opportunity to face early adulthood with a huge competitive advantage over others his or her age.

For example, applying for a job for the first time with just a university degree is not the same as applying with a certificate that says you can speak a language other than your mother tongue.

Not to mention the countless opportunities a young person will have when applying for jobs in English, as well as the development of global thinking by being able to communicate with almost any culture.

That said, we recommend that you contact our institution to learn about all the courses we have specially designed for teenagers.

English classes for teenagers in Florida

At Lingua Language Center, we are true experts in offering English classes for teens in Florida. We have spent so much time bringing students to the United States to spend several weeks learning the language, or serving the needs of migrant youth, that today we have graduated tens of thousands of people.

Our team at Lingua Language Center has worked hard to ensure that the English classes for teens in Florida are as complete and successful as possible.

We have been offering language classes for over two decades, and have seen the results of our work manifest through positive feedback from our students.

We are proud to have graduated tens of thousands of students to date, many of whom have gone on to use English in their professional and personal lives.

Our teachers are dedicated professionals who use modern teaching methods to ensure that our students are receiving the best education possible.

We are confident that any teenager who chooses our English classes in Florida will feel confident and ready to conquer the world.

The English classes for teenagers that we offer in the different locations we have in the state of Florida have the support of teachers of the highest level, well adapted to our own teaching system.

We work with linguists who are able to identify the challenges that each teenager must overcome in order to learn English.

In addition, our classes are taught in a multisensory learning process. EnterTraining℠ (entertainment and training). This allows words to enter the brain not only through hearing and reading but also through touch, taste, and smell. Thus, a texture will stay forever in the student’s mind, and he will relate it in English to the correct word.

Online English classes for teenagers

Of course, it is also possible to find the best English classes for teens online, especially when you look in the right place: Lingua Language Center, where we have different programs for all levels.

It doesn’t matter if the student has never had any relationship with English, or if they are at such an advanced level that they are looking to train to pass the TOEFL exam, at our school we have well-organized online classes to achieve the best effects.

Regarding the number of hours per week, the programs we offer can be intensive, semi-intensive, or part-time.

On the other hand, as far as personalization is concerned, they can be private classes, as well as small groups or even classes with a considerable number of students at the same time.

Either way, at our language school, you will always find the classroom or online English program that best suits your learning needs and schedule.