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Taking English classes in the United States is the best decision you can make for those looking to really learn the language.

Whether you are in the United States and are looking to learn English to integrate into society and access better jobs, or you are in another country and want to travel to the United States to spend some time acquiring the language, the solution is always at Lingua Language Center.

At Lingua Language Center, we are dedicated to teaching languages, and we do it with our own method that has been internationally recognized for its effectiveness.

We offer courses that are tailored to each student in terms of time and language level, and we also offer the opportunity to come to Florida to study with us for prices that no other school can compete with.

English classes in the United States for migrants

If you are in Florida and want to learn English, contact us. We have classes for all levels and interests.

Our courses are ideal for people of all ages because they combine the best of practical classes with non-stop entertainment.

For example, if someone is working or studying and wants to take our classes, they can do so thanks to the wide variety of schedules available at our different locations in the state of Florida.

But we also have personalized courses, in which students – usually very busy people with no time for group classes – practice directly with a linguist who will take them by the hand all the way through their learning process.

We also offer advanced English courses for different types of professionals: such as our English programs for Law, and Medicine, among others…

English classes in the United States during an unforgettable trip

But if you live in another country, and you simply want to come to the United States to study the language for a while, write to us too!

At Lingua Language Center, we prepare everything for you to come to Florida to study English at our locations and live an unforgettable experience.

We will take care of the logistics, advise you on immigration issues, teach you English and, if that’s not enough, we will take care of your fun and entertainment with guided tours with the other students.

Write to us today and we will give you all the information you need to take English classes in the United States.