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English courses in companies have become a very effective training tool implemented by organizations today so that their workers feel motivated and translate their own growth into that of the team.

This is demonstrated by the analysis of the training needs of the main human resources firms, which also place English as the language that can generate the most positive effects in any work environment outside the Anglo-Saxon countries.

On the other hand, a study carried out by the Harvard Business Review has established an amazing correlation between the improvement of English skills and the increase in profits generated in international trade.

In fact, the effectiveness of English as a course taught by companies to their workers is only matched by training in new technologies and management and leadership strategies. In the background are slightly less tangible workshops such as Emotional Intelligence, although they are still valued for their acceptance among employees.

Benefits of English courses in companies

But focusing on English, let’s see what are the direct benefits of companies offering courses in this language to their workforce.

Greater access to information on the item

Since most of the latest developments in almost every career field are published in English first, by increasing their English skills, workers gain first-hand access to what’s happening in their market without going through the middleman or even used by competitors.

Opening of international opportunities

On the other hand, by mastering English, executives will be able to quickly interpret what is happening in their market and constantly win new international clients and agreements by talking directly with key people around the world.

Communication with potential suppliers and customers is at the heart of the importance of English within an organization.

Increased staff security

The fear of public speaking that many people have increases when it comes to speaking in a language that is not their mother tongue. This improves significantly with training focused on conversational English.

The more workers speak English with other people, and improve their pronunciation techniques, diction, and grammatical structure, the more comfortable they will feel communicating with international clients and contacts.

The level of workers is standardized

When companies decide to pay for an English course for just one key employee, detrimental gaps in team capacity appear. This can mean a setback in work rhythms because it forces some to do more tasks than others.

When effective English courses are delivered to groups that include all areas, or at least one representative from each, positive differences begin to be felt within organizations.

Increased staff morale

A work team that feels empowered is also motivated. In environments where people feel good morally, productivity is the most common denominator and there are no places for the typical vices of organizations.

Actually, an increase in team morale means better labor relations within a company and an increase in the sense of belonging of workers with respect to their work.

Lingua Language Center corporate programs

Lingua Language Center classes can focus on different areas of English, such as conversation, written business communications, negotiations, accent reduction or cross-cultural communication.

On the other hand, our school has options to deepen the specialized vocabulary of different areas, such as business, education, law, health, pharmacy, construction, aviation, security, technology, science, etc… All this thanks to our specialized linguists.

Lingua Language Center is a language school that has built a high reputation in the State of Florida since its founding in 1998. It offers its courses and training both online and from its physical locations in the cities of Fort Lauderdale, Weston, Coconut Creek, Orlando and Doral.

If you are looking for some type of training for your company, write to us today . We will give you the advice you are looking for and we will help you choose the course that best suits what you are looking for.