Among the enormous range of methods for learning languages, the current highlights are the English courses in the United States for Brazilians offered by Lingua Language Center.

Despite all of the job opportunities that English currently offers, only 5% of the 200 million Brazilians can communicate in English. So the next ones to learn it will make a huge difference in Brazil’s job market, not to mention it will give them the possibility of working abroad. 

Lingua Language Center offers several weeks of courses from the United States under a proprietary methodology called EnterTraining℠, which combines the best of entertainment with hands-on classes.
It is total immersion in English perfectly adapted to the needs of the speakers. 

The best English courses in the United States 

And where are these courses offered? Lingua School has its headquarters in several major cities in the state of Florida: Fort Lauderdale, Coconut Creek, Weston, Orlando, and Doral. So students can choose which one is best suited to the experience they want to have in the United States.

Lingua has over 20 years of experience teaching languages in Florida and has all the certifications that support the acquisition of a new language.

On the other hand, our professionals are in charge of offering all the necessary advice so that Brazilians can obtain the visa that will allow them to study English in the United States.

The time to take the step is now. We are already helping Brazilian students with their paperwork to spend an unforgettable time while they attain several English courses in the United States and return to their country with a new language that will allow them to increase their job prospects.