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There are so many English courses in the United States for teens and adults that it is normal that many people get confused and end up not taking any of them.

Added to this is the false myth that it is only possible to learn a language well if it is studied from childhood.

But according to York University professor Marilyn Vihman, there are people who have learned a language past the age of 20 and have even managed to pass themselves off as spies.

Another teacher at the same institution, Danijela Trenkinc, reminds us that the important thing is to communicate well. She also says that, in general, a person who learns a language in adulthood can always “acquire the ability to communicate quite effectively”.

That said and proven by multiple studies from this and other universities, what remains is to choose the right English course.

Where to take English courses in the United States for teenagers and adults?

At Lingua Language Center, we are sure that the best options are the ones we offer at our institution, both online and at any of our locations in Florida.

Our English courses in the United States for juniors and adults meet the needs of our students both in terms of the time they have available and their academic aspirations and demands.

For example, for those who work or study, we offer part-time English classes; and for those who are looking to accelerate their learning to the maximum, we have courses that represent a true immersion in English.

What we try to do at Lingua Language Center is to create the right learning environment for each person: to surround them with their contemporaries so that the processes run smoothly and to be able to identify how to help them in a timely manner.

Customized English courses in the United States for teens and adults

Another great option for young people and adults is our customized courses. Many times, students have responsibilities that do not allow them to watch classes with other people, as they need absolute concentration to make the most of their time, and it is in those cases that we offer these classes.

In addition, those who prefer small learning groups can opt for our semi-customized courses, in which students see classes with two other classmates.

By adapting to the needs of those who attend classes with us, we have graduated thousands of students since we started. Today our growth continues thanks to this philosophy and the application of our own teaching method by the linguists who make up the academy.

English courses in the U.S. for teens and adults with special priorities

In other cases, our students have more specific goals, such as passing the TOEFL exam, reducing their accent, or acquiring specialized career vocabulary.

We achieve all this with ad hoc courses in which we offer specialized attention.

For example, in the TOEFL course, we don’t just teach models of previous tests, but we work on stress management, improving analytical skills under pressure, and time management.

In the case of accent reduction classes, we generate the ideal environments for fluent and interesting conversations that allow students to appreciate every word and every expression to its ultimate possibilities.

Finally, we recommend that professionals in areas such as law, medicine, literature, or international business take a look at the English courses we have for them. In all of them, we deepen in the real exercise of their trades so that they can apply the acquired knowledge in all the circumstances of their work.

Write to us right now so that we can give you all the information and know the simple procedures you need to follow to join Lingua Language Center.