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The importance of English idioms is that they allow you to function in almost any context: from work, to what you can experience in a nightclub or in different cultural activities.

The main characteristic of idioms is that their meaning cannot be deduced from the words that compose them. In other words, only practice and frequent use can enable you to understand them.

In any case, it is possible to learn the ones we will present in this article today; and the next time you hear them, you will know what they mean and will even be able to answer and use them.

Idioms have accompanied the English language since its origins. Therefore, we can find many of them in texts from the beginning of the Middle Ages.

In addition, William Shakespeare himself coined multiple idioms in his plays, in addition to the 1700 words he created when he could no longer use the ones that already existed.

An example of the idioms created by Shakespeare is Kill a wife with kindness, which literally means: ” Kill a wife with kindness”, but refers to the attempt to achieve a goal by being kind to someone.

But let’s go directly to the idioms that concern us today: those that are essential for you to get by in an English-speaking country like the United States.

English idioms to learn today

We say they are English idioms to learn today because they are easy, and at the same time so curious that you will hardly forget them if you practice them with an example. Pay attention…

By the skin of your teeth

The literal translation is with the skin of your teeth, but obviously it doesn’t go that way… It refers to something you barely achieved or achieved very little. This idiom is the Spanish equivalent of “por un perro de rana calva”.

Example: I won by the skin of your teeth!

Miss the boat

Literally missing the boat. But it’s used for anything you miss: from the date of a registration to a flight, or for something you arrived too late for.

– Is there still time to sign up?
– Sorry, you missed the boat.

As right as rain

“As right as rain” is the translation. However, it is used to say that something is perfect.

Example: If someone asks you how you are doing and you want to say that you are doing great, you can reply, “I’m as right as rain.”

Hit the sack

Although the literal translation is “hitting the sack,” you should use it as a synonym for going to sleep.

Example: I’m exhausted, it’s time for me to hit the sack!

Beat around the bush

This is “beating around the bush”. It is used when someone is doing everything possible to avoid something, such as a question or an important issue.

Example: He is beating around the bush.

Jump on the bandwagon

This idiom originated in the mid-twentieth century when female fans of rock bands would chase the band members and even ride their buses. It would literally mean jumping on the bandwagon bus, but it really means “following the trend” when referring to those who go with what’s trendy for lack of personality.

Example: Carla doesn’t like soccer, She’s just jumping on the bandwagon.

See eyes to see

This idiom is a metaphor meaning to agree.

Example: Linda and his father don’t see eye to eye. In other words: Linda and her father disagree.

You can say that again

You will love this one. When someone says something you agree with, and you simply want to express your approval, just say: You can say that again, which literally means “you can say that again”, but in practice means: “That is correct”.

– Messi is the best.
– You can say that again.

Go down in flames

This metaphor can be easily deduced. Go down in flames, literally “to go down in flames”, means “to fail spectacularly”. You use it when you want to highlight how badly you did at something.

Example: “That exam went down in flames”.

With these idioms, you already have an initial base to start exploring all that the English language has to offer. But if you want to acquire the academic skills to use them properly, check out our English courses at Lingua Language Center.

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