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Many people from other countries are now living in the United States and are in need of English preparation classes for college.

It doesn’t matter if they can already speak English, because everyday life is one thing, and being able to effectively learn what teachers teach in any area is quite another.

So, if you do not have a good level of English, it will be difficult to take on a career in any of the universities in the United States.

On the other hand, most universities require students to pass the TOEFL test in order to be admitted.

Whatever the case may be, the solutions for the different scenarios are at Lingua Language Center.

University English Preparation Classes at Lingua Language Center

The first thing to say is that at Lingua Language Center we are experts in preparing students for the TOEFL test.

With our TOEFL preparation course, students will learn how to do the analysis necessary to pass the test and develop critical thinking skills that will even enable them to deal with all kinds of situations in the future.

We cover everything from the correct way to answer simple questions, to everything related to stress reduction and time management.

On the other hand, those seeking to enter graduate programs, specialties or careers such as Business Administration, Medicine, and its related fields or Law, have at Lingua Language Center specialized courses that will allow them to master the jargon, understand complex terms and communicate effectively in the environment of these specialties.

Online English Preparation Classes for college

There is also the case of those who prefer to opt for our online modality to prepare in English for university.

For them, we have different modalities and schedules that cover everything that is applied in a classroom: we apply the same methodology based on the multisensory, we seek a balance between entertainment and practice, and we achieve fast and effective results.

Write to us today to help you prepare for college in English, and let nothing stop you from achieving your dreams.