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If you are thinking of taking an English summer course, do not hesitate to choose a program that includes a language monitor. They are a fundamental figure, especially in those language camps and courses aimed at the youngest. At Lingua Language Center we offer afordable and great quality English summer courses with language monitors.

The language monitor becomes an essential element for young people who participate in an English summer course or a language camp, as they are a support for students when they have any questions or must face a problem or setback. They are responsible for accompanying students, something that is very useful for those who are more “lost”.

The monitors are in charge of the important mission of guiding, supervising, and taking responsibility of the students during the period of the English course, and they are “on alert” and “available” practically 24 hours a day: in trips, excursions, classes, visits… They also have the task of monitoring the behavior of students and ensuring that the study program they have chosen is correctly fulfilled.

The conditions or skills needed to be a language monitor are not so difficult to accomplish but very important. They must be over 21 years old and, of course, be bilingual or have an advanced level of English. In addition, they must demonstrate a willingness to connect with young people and ability to work as a team. The monitors are advised 24 hours a day by the staff of the company organizing the courses.

On the other hand, the fact that an English language program or an English summer course include the presence of a monitor is a great reassurance for both students and parents. For the latter, knowing that there is a person who takes care of their children when they are away from home and that is available in the event of any eventuality, makes them overcome many of the typical fears suffered by those who decide to send their children to take an English summer course.

The English courses that Lingua Language Center has to offer are perfect for you. Learn English in a total language immersion setting while living the authentic American college experience with an All Inclusive English Package!

In our All-Inclusive English Package, we offer 12 field trips per month (3 per week: 2 half-day and 1 full-day per week). Places to visit: Amazing Beaches, Popular Museums, Shopping Centers, and other entertainment centers. Zoos and other parks. Feel free to check our website to know more about this English summer program: All Inclussive English Package

Undoubtedly, a great option for an English course with all the guarantees and security.