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The effectiveness of teaching English through the senses has been proven over and over again for decades in preschool children. Today we know that it can also work perfectly in adulthood thanks to methods such as that of the Lingua Language Center.

Touching a rough surface while hearing and reading the word rough is much more effective than simply trying to memorize all kinds of textures. The best thing is that this can be applied to all five senses in a fun and practical way.

Lingua Language Center has its own patented method for teaching languages: EnterTraining℠ , a system that fuses entertainment with multisensory practical classes, and generates surprising results in a short time.

EnterTraining℠ is a direct and natural approach that follows the principles of neurolinguistics to generate the rapid acquisition of vocabulary and communication skills at all levels.

English through the senses: does it work in Adults?

During the last 20 years, Lingua Language Center has graduated more than 10,000 students of all ages and different languages thanks to its method and the professionals who carry it out.

Although many people associate the acquisition of a language with the energy of the first years of life, the truth is that linguists, scientists and polyglots have shown that there is no age to learn a new language.

For example, linguists hold that anyone who already knows their own language has the potential to learn not just one but several other languages at any time in their life.

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