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If you are looking to open up new work and social opportunities in the United States, enrolling in an English language institute in Florida is the best alternative you can consider.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the advantages of making that decision, and how to choose the best English language institute in Florida.

We will also explain the advantages of studying English at Lingua Language Center, where we offer everything you need to absorb the language quickly and correctly.

Why study at an English language institute in Florida?

Although Florida is a state where it is increasingly possible to live speaking only Spanish, those who learn English immediately obtain new professional and academic options that translate into a better quality of life and exponential job development.

As much as Spanish is present in Florida, the great opportunities are in English. No matter what your field, you will earn more money if you speak English.

The real American dream

Latin Americans living in the United States know that, despite how well they can live doing jobs where they don’t need to speak English, once they learn the language, everything changes, and the doors to the real American dream open.

Perhaps the most important thing for migrants who manage to learn English is that they can pursue the careers they studied in their home countries. That’s not to mention the opportunity to engage at a higher level with the society in which they live.

A season in the United States with an English language institute in Florida

But beyond migrants, there is also the case of students who are just looking to spend some time in the United States learning English.

This is a very good option because there is no more effective way to learn to speak a language than by living it from inside a country where it dominates.

For such cases, we recommend Lingua Language Center‘s immersion plans, in which we take care of offering all the advice so that students know what to do – step by step – to come to the United States to spend an unforgettable time.

In our school, we take care of all the academic parts, as well as lodging, food, and even guided tours that will make the trip more fun.

How to choose an English language institute in Florida

In order to know which English language institute in Florida you should choose, we recommend you consider some basic aspects:

  • Track record.
  • Effectiveness.
  • Testimonials from other students.
  • Methodology.
  • Ability to adapt to your time.

An English language school that meets all of these requirements can be counted as a good one. In any case, there are other variables that should always be considered, such as location, and price, among others…

Why Lingua Language Center as an English language institute in Florida?

The answer lies precisely in the characteristics mentioned above:


Lingua Language Center has been offering language classes and translation services since the end of the last century. Since then, our classrooms have graduated thousands of students who have acquired the ability to communicate effectively in English and other languages.


Our institution has professional linguists and teachers who are experts in the transmission of the necessary knowledge to speak English.

We are so effective that we also have specialized courses such as accent reduction, TOEFL preparation, and even specific classes for professionals in areas such as Medicine, Business, Law, or Literature.

Testimonials from other students

If you check the reviews left by students about any of our Florida locations, you will notice that the overall view is very positive.

For example, Roxidyl Carrillo wrote: “Lingua is my second home. Every day my teachers give me the best classes and I feel very proud of myself for all that I have learned.”

And like his, there are hundreds of reviews you can read.


Unlike other language schools that work on the fly in trying to adapt to students, Lingua Language Center has its own proprietary methodology.

It’s called EnterTraining, and it’s a combination of entertainment and practice that has been proven effective over the years.

Ability to adapt to your time

You will hardly find another language school that has so many options for individuals.

Whether you work, study, or just want to dedicate yourself to learning English, you will find your place in our school.

We offer everything from customized classes for executives with full schedules, to part-time courses for people who must meet work schedules.

Whatever your case may be, write to us! We want to help you get your place at Lingua Language Center.