Every test preparation (TOEFL) should be reinforced with these useful resources. It is best to have a specialized English course to help you correct your mistakes and give you the keys to learn what you need in a personalized way like we offer in Lingua, but you will also need practice at home and know some resources to make it easier and more enjoyable. We discover some of the most useful resources to prepare the TOEFL:

Listen to academic conferences on TED.com:

This platform has a wide collection of university conferences with a very diverse theme. Not only are they good for familiarizing you with the academic vocabulary but they are also inspiring and motivating. In this platform, you can also read entertaining books with very good vocabulary for the preparation of your exam.

Give play to YouTube:

Yes, we are advising you to study on YouTube, but we are not referring to music videos or Game of Thrones theories, but to documentaries on common themes in the TOEFL. You will learn new vocabulary and new expressions.

Check the Purdue OWL writing guides:

Purdue OWL is a very useful online writing lab with guides and resources, so you can learn to write better. In this platform, you will also find a very interesting blog about grammar and you can consult some questions to your tutors. An opportunity to improve your writing!

Take advantage of the resources that ETS has on its website:

The organization that runs the exam helps students to prepare it with numerous resources to practice the grammar questions, audio transcripts, specialized videos, and guides to learn more about how to prepare each part of the exam and their scores.

Read articles in The Learning Network:

The American newspaper The New York Times has on its website a platform specialized in education issues with vocabulary, expressions, and structures very suitable for the TOEFL. As well as learning to write formally, you will entertain yourself with interesting articles.

Play with Word Dynamo:

Word Dynamo Challenge is an interactive vocabulary game that includes activities for all levels. It is a perfect way to learn while having fun without even realizing it. You can play with one of your friends and learn together.

In this post we have given you a lot of information for your test preparation (TOEFL), now you must process it and find the best resources for you. If you want to learn from within and know how to use English effectively, a language bootcamp or a language course for young people abroad could be an excellent alternative. Travel and learn with us at Lingua.