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Here’s everything you need to know about the months of the year in French, at least to speak the language decently and without fear of getting it wrong.

Learning the months of the year in French is important for many reasons: from telling migration agents in France how long you will be in the country, to planning projects, adventures, and goals if you live in a French-speaking country.

But let’s start by imagining a key example: booking a room in a hotel in France or Quebec, for example.

In any case, the main thing will be to learn the months of the year in French…

How do you say the months of the year in French?

First of all, you should know that month is mois, and its pronunciation is the same as the pronoun yo: moi (mua). If you mean, the months of the year, it will be Les mois de l’année.

In any case, let’s go to the names of the months:

  • January – Janvier
  • February – February
  • March – Mars
  • April – Avril
  • May – Mai
  • June – June
  • July – July
  • August – Août
  • September – September
  • October – October
  • November – Novembre
  • December – décembre

And how do you say the four seasons in French?

  • Summer – l’été
  • Autumn – l’automne
  • Winter – l’hinver
  • Spring – le printemps

As you will see, the four seasons in French are masculine. Therefore, they are usually said and written preceded by the article “the”.

Another important fact is that in French the names of the months and seasons of the year are not written with initial capital letters, as is the case in other languages such as English.

Tips for learning the months of the year and the seasons in French

The most effective trick for you to learn the months of the year and the seasons in French is to study the language constantly. However, there are techniques that ease the way.

One of the most effective is to use your phone’s calendar in French. This way the months, days, and even the seasons will always appear in that language and you will quickly get used to it.

By extension, if you put your entire phone in French – and keep studying the language – it will be easier for you to understand what they say and write while increasing your vocabulary.

How to start studying French?

At Lingua Language Center, we have been teaching languages since the last century. We have professional teachers in the main languages of the western world, and in French -particularly- we are among the best.

Our linguists are ready to start teaching you French either online or in person from our locations in different cities in Florida.

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