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At Lingua, we have a firm mission to ensure our students reach the highest levels of language proficiency. Our team works diligently to provide excellent language education through various learning methods and activities in order to guarantee mastery of the language. Additionally, our ethical and moral values are based on teamwork and a good leadership model, proving that we have set ourselves apart from other language training centers.

Our students gain so much more than just knowledge when they come to Lingua. We encourage them to develop a positive intercultural attitude and strive for academic achievement. Our excellent language education has proven to make a difference in their lives, fostering the growth of their careers and giving them the confidence to use their acquired skills with success in international settings.

At Lingua, we believe our mission is to be more than just an ordinary language training center; we strive to be an inspiring environment where students can learn and grow together in a safe and positive environment. We are committed to providing an excellent language education that sets the standards for learning and creates an unforgettable experience for all of our students.

It offers students the opportunity to become fluent in a language foreign to them, whether English, Spanish or any other language. It helps students appreciate the value of different cultures and become citizens of the world and prepares them to compete in the modern world. Following the latest trends in language acquisition, the new language is taught through a multi-sensory natural approach, in a technology-enhanced total immersion environment.

The school maintains a database of certified faculty trained in this approach. It provides students with the linguistic skills, knowledge and work ethics necessary for an appropriate academic, professional, and personal development.

It offers advice to students, guiding them during the term of their studies from the moment they are admitted to the school until the completion of their program, not only in academic matters but also in housing, transportation, medical insurance, and guidance to higher education.

Excellent language education at Lingua Language Center

Lingua Language Center has been accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET) which provides the highest level of accreditation at the national level for language schools.

It offers students extensive resources to practice the new language outside of the classroom and a rich student life, including unlimited access to Broward College’s student centers, libraries, gymnasiums, and student activities, such as art exhibits, music performances, theater, dance, workshops, and other events and excursions.

It also offers students discounts on local events, restaurants, shops, movies, public transportation, free parking, and Wi-Fi. It provides international students with F-1 visas and easy transfer to an institution of higher education in the United States.

By Andreina Ojeda, M.A. Modern Languages ​​and M.A. International Studies.
President and Founder of Lingua Language Center at Broward College.