Since the Fall of 2014 semester, Lingua Language Center became the exclusive Lingua, Broward College’s Language Services Provider, non-credit. As part of the Corporate and Continuing Education Division, all the Division’s Language programs will be taught by the Lingua Language Center at Broward College.

Exclusive Provider of Broward College’s Corporate & Continuing Education Language Programs

In addition to the Center’s Homeland Security certified Intensive English Program and supplemental courses, i.e. English Conversation & Accent Reduction, TOEFL Test Preparationand Business English, taught in the Downtown Campus, the new corporate programming includes customized and corporate language courses and boot camps for corporate executives looking to increase their English or foreign language skills for professional purposes. The new continuing education programming includes Beginner & Intermediate English, Let’s Talk, Accent Reduction and TOEFL Test Preparation, in addition to an array of foreign languages such as Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Mandarin, Swahili, etc.

The corporate program can be taught at your location or ours and is tailored to your organization’s specialized field of expertise, your needs and schedule. Organizations that engage in language learning experience significant improvement is in different business areas, including employee productivity, communication, customer service and sales. Since each organization’s language needs are unique, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss the particular needs of your organization in order to provide the most suitable solution. In addition to language training in many languages, corporate services include translation and interpreting Different continuing education courses are available at different Broward College Campuses and Centers throughout Broward County. These programs are an excellent choice for the individual in search of improving his/her professional or personal language skills at a low cost.

For additional information on Continuing Education programming and to enroll online, please visit Broward’s website here and click: Register Now.

If you are looking to further your education and better your communication skills, contact Lingua Language Center at Broward College today.

You may also call 954-201-7800 or 954-577-9955.