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Hiring the services of the best foreign translators in the market is possible for you or your company thanks to Lingua Language Center.

When a person or company needs to translate a document into another language, it is normal for them to prefer to hire foreign translators or native speakers from a country where the target language is spoken. For all these cases, the best option is Lingua, one of the most reputable companies in South Florida.

As for English, we have native translators who know perfectly the terminology required for each type of text, from legal documents to popularization, and even scientific or literary documents.

In addition, our staff includes highly qualified linguists in languages such as French, Creole, Spanish, Italian, German and Portuguese, and we cover all current languages thanks to our extensive network of globally certified translators.

Do you need something translated into any language? At Lingua we have the ideal foreign translators for you.

In which areas are our foreign translators good?

While other companies offer translators who will study the subject matter that clients need to translate, at Lingua Language Center, we are divided into specialties.

Thus, we have experts in scientific subjects who will not be the same as those who translate legal texts; for each field we have real specialists.

The same in every language. We have people for everything: experts in tourism, in applied sciences, in engineering and technologies, in legal matters, in governmental and diplomatic issues, in certification of qualifications, in literature…

We believe in the value of specialists and we apply this to both subject matter and languages.

In addition, our experts are duly certified in the area of expertise in which they work and even have decades of experience in one thing.

Advantages of hiring foreign translators

The first thing to keep in mind when hiring the services of foreign translators is that they must be certified by the country in which they operate.

Among the advantages of hiring native speakers to translate into their language something you have in your own language, is that they will know how to interpret correctly what you are saying to transmit it in the right way to those who are going to read it.

The work of an English-speaking Latin American will not be the same as that of a native linguist. Much less so if you are not proficient in the subject matter.

The jargon of each discipline is very important when translating. And to this must be added the mastery of current expressions.

Foreign translators for literary texts

In the area of literature, to cite a very important example, it will always be better to have a foreign translator. This is because the command of the language must be total in order to find the right words that say what the author of the original work wanted to say in each line.

It is no coincidence that the best translations into Spanish of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven are by masters of the language of Cervantes Institute such as José Antonio Pérez Bonalde and Julio Cortázar.

The same will happen when a work is translated from Spanish into English. The quality of the translation will depend on a native speaker interpreting what the author wrote.

On the other hand, foreign translators must have in-depth knowledge of the language they are translating from; and that is hard to come by in the translation market.

The good news is that now you can count on Lingua Language Center, which is not only a translation and interpreting company but also a language school. So our experts are constantly on the move and ready to take on any challenge regardless of size or area of expertise.

Choose Lingua Language Center when contracting foreign translators

At Lingua, we deliver translations quickly and always strive for total quality. Write to us and you will get all the information you need for your texts to be taken care of, translated, edited, layout, and even designed.

We’ve been doing this for years, and we know how to do it very well.