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Learning a new language changes your life and gives you new academic and professional opportunities, but can you really go to a university after an English course?

We will answer this question from two points of view: the practical and the legal. If we go to the practical, the answer will depend on the course and the level of English you have achieved.

To study anything in the United States you must have at least a B2 level, which makes you an independent user of the language and communicate fluently and effortlessly with native speakers.

However, if we stick to reality and to the question in the title of this text, we must remember that the main universities in that country require TOEFL approval for non-Anglo-Saxon foreigners.

B2: Minimum level to go to a university after an English language course

Both the B2 level and TOEFL passing skills can be achieved with Lingua Language Center’s English programs, which have intensive courses to help you move up the ladder and also prepare you for the main English exams in the world.

But even if you pass the TOEFL, you must adhere to the law if you intend to complete an English course in the USA. and go to a university in that country.

How to finish an English course in the U.S. and go to university

It is important to remember first that the way to take an English course in the United States is through an F1 visa, a tool that offers the possibility to stay legally in the country while studying full time.

But upon completion of this training program, the student will generally have 60 more days to leave the U.S. territory.

There are many cases of people who finish their classes and overstay while trying to apply for a Green Card to obtain legal permanent residency.

The problem is that, if they do not succeed, they may even lose the opportunity to renew their F1 visa and study at a university, if that is their desire.

For this reason, the most correct recommendation we can give from Lingua Language Center those who complete an English language program and want to pursue academic training in is to return to their home countries and re-apply for the F1 visa in the same way as they did with the language school.

Does this procedure work?

Yes. In fact, doing it that way generates a lot of confidence for the visa approval officials, since you will have kept your word to return when the visa indicated you would.

In addition, you will not even have to do the exact same procedure, but you will be renewing your visa, but mainly sending a message about your level of responsibility that the U.S. government will take kindly to any changes you make to your immigration status at a later date, or regarding future visa applications.

Take an English course in the USA.

As we said at the beginning, this will also depend on your ability to communicate in English fluently, without hesitating over the right words and understanding everything you are told.

In addition, at Lingua Language Center we advise our students on what they want to achieve. For each one, we tell you how to meet your expectations both in terms of academics and immigration.

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