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If you live in Florida and need to learn the language in order to join the American society, or you are in another country and want to spend some time in the United States, take an intensive English course in Doral with Lingua Language Center.

We offer all the advice you need to immerse yourself in English with our intensive course regardless of your level of English proficiency or where you are in the world.

Our course runs from Monday to Thursday and consists of 18 hours of intensive English per week. In addition, it is taught by expert teachers who use an entertaining and practical method that makes teaching more effective.

Do you have your mornings free?

If you have the mornings free or simply the knowledge flows in you better with the daylight, you can join us at our headquarters from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Do you prefer evenings?

In case evenings are more convenient for you, our schedule for the intensive English course in Doral is from 5:00 pm to 9:40 pm.

Advantages of an Intensive English Course in Doral

The advantages of taking an intensive English course in Doral with Lingua Language Center are many, but we will highlight some of them below:

  • It promotes the release of dopamine. Intensive English coursesgenerate a unique motivation in students when they are taught in classrooms with people with the same interests. This is due to the release of this neurotransmitter related to mental responses, emotions and rewards.
  • You learn the language faster, which will allow you to start developing the other aspects of your life that require English sooner, such as work or studies – for example.
  • The teaching method aims directly at what is most important. Although it is a comprehensive program, Lingua’ s Intensive English course focuses on what is most important, i.e., what will enable you to function in society, at work and academically.

Why spend some time in Doral?

Doral is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, as well as one of the most beautiful.

We are located at Millennia Atlantic University, just minutes from the Miami International Airport, which is ideal for international students. On the other hand, Doral offers true wonders in two key aspects: security and economic prosperity.

Doral is one of the most multicultural places in Florida and one of the favorite epicenters for Venezuelans.

If you want to come to study for a while or if you are already in the United States but do not master English, take advantage of our intensive English course in Doral and change your life.