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Entering a US university is a process that combines hope and challenge. For both US and international students, competition is intense, and acceptance rates are low.

However, in all cases, it is determination that will make the difference.

There are so many opportunities for a student who manages to get into a good university in the USA, that their parents begin to plan that entrance from the time their children are in elementary school.

Sports scholarships, extracurricular activities, special skills, grades… Everything counts and the goal is the same: a place in college.

Few students actually get into the university of their choice. But let’s take a look at some data.

Is it difficult for an American citizen to get into a US university?

In general, yes. Acceptance rates at some of the top U.S. universities speak for themselves:

Of course, there are also universities where it is much easier to enter, such as New York University, UOPeople (University of the People) or the University of California.

But these rates do not indicate 100% of the reality. Students must take tests such as the SAT, ACT or GMAT to demonstrate their academic abilities and achievements.

And how difficult is it to get into a US university for a foreigner?

In general, foreign students must pass through the same filters as U.S. students to enter a university. The differences lie in the challenges related to language, culture and legal formalities.

And how can they overcome language barriers?

Beyond the fact that foreign students are proficient in English, they must prove it by passing the TOEFL test required by most universities, and doing well on that test requires a high level of preparation in both the oral and written parts.

Although a B2 level of English is supposed to guarantee admission to a university, they must have passed the TOEFL within the last two years. And those who have not passed need to study all the time.

The TOEFL can be so complex that at Lingua Language Center we offer a course in which, in addition to absolute academic preparation, we help students with time management, analysis of previous course models and stress management.

This TOEFL preparation course can be taken online before arriving in the United States thanks to the interactive platform we have at Lingua Language Center. In addition, if you are already in the country, you can take it in the different locations we have in the state of Florida.

We have helped thousands of students around the world pass the TOEFL since 1998, and we continue to do so even more effectively today.

But if you are still far from being able to take a TOEFL, in our language school we also have a huge variety of English programs for all levels: from the most basic, to specialized classes for each type of professional.

Write to us so that our advisors can give you today all the information you need to come and study at a university in the USA, which will not be so difficult if you plan well and make the right decisions.

Take advantage of the fact that the U.S. education system places a high value on diversity and academic excellence, making it always worth the effort for those seeking a quality education in the country.

And remember: at Lingua Language Center we offer you all the technological and pedagogical tools, as well as the support of the best linguists in Florida, so that you can reach the ideal level of English to be accepted to the university of your choice.