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Increasing vocabulary in a language is a matter of general culture. With this list of marine animals in Spanish, you will realize all the associations you will be able to make when you learn it.

Each new word you add to your vocabulary will allow you new, faster ways of thinking and speaking. There is a reason why they say that the limits of our language are the limits of our world.

Of course, we can’t cover all 230,000 species of animals that exist in the world’s oceans, but we can help you learn about the most famous ones so that you can defend yourself in any context where someone names one.

Imagine that they are telling you a story in Spanish and that person tells you that they suddenly saw a Swordfish or that they were brought some Prawns. At that point, you will have lost the entire thread of the conversation simply because you don’t know those words.

But thanks to this article, that won’t happen to you. At Lingua Language Center, we know the power of a rich vocabulary. And we are here to help you.

Names of marine animals in Spanish

English – Spanish

  • Whale  – Ballena
  • Walrus – Morsa
  • Turtle – Tortuga
  • Squid – Calamar
  • Shrimp – Camarón
  • Shell – Concha
  • Stingray – Mantaraya
  • Shark – Tiburón
  • Seal – Foca
  • Sea lion – león marino
  • Sea urchin – Erizo de mar
  • Starfish – Estrella de mar
  • Seahorse – Caballito de mar
  • Sardine – Sardina
  • Salmon – Salmón
  • Red tuna – Atún rojo
  • Ray – Raya
  • Prawn – Gamba
  • Oyster – Ostra
  • Octopus – Pulpo
  • Mussel – Mejillón
  • Marine otter – Nutria marina
  • Mackerel – Caballa
  • Lobster – Langosta
  • Anchovy – Anchoa
  • Cod – Bacalao
  • Coral – Coral
  • Crab – Cangrejo
  • Cuttlefish – Sepia
  • Dolphin – Delfín
  • Eel  – Anguila
  • Fish – Pez
  • Flying Fish – Pez Volador
  • Grouper – Mero
  • Hake – Merluza
  • Herring – Arenque
  • Jellyfish – Medusa
  • Killerwhale – Orca
  • Sea cow – Manatí
  • Narval – Narwhal
  • Whale shark – Tiburón ballena

Part of the fish in Spanish

This is also important: the parts of the fish in Spanish. And not only in the field of animals or the marine world but also in gastronomy and even in everyday life. In order not to complicate matters, we will mention the three most important ones:

  • Fin – Aleta
  • Gills – Agallas
  • Scales – Escamas

How to learn so many animals in Spanish

It is not difficult nor is our list that large. So to remember these names, it will be enough to use them in sentences related to the attributes of these animals.

Of course, taking a Spanish course is the best option so that Spanish becomes part of you and you start thinking in that language. So we offer you the programs we have at Lingua Language Center.

At our language school, we have all the resources you need to learn Spanish in a short period of time. So contact us to find out when the next course starts. We will give you a placement test to find out where we need to start, and then it will just be a matter of you choosing whether you want to take classes in person or online.

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