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Many people are asking on the Internet how it is easier to learn English. But that can have so many subjective answers, that the best thing to do is to review what the science says about it.

You probably know many people who have taken different English courses and still can’t speak the language; maybe that’s even the case for you too. This is due to many factors: from incorrect teaching methodology to lack of practice.

But there is a reason why most people who have made progress in learning English tend to regress: the forgetting curve.

The forgetting curve was developed by the German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus, one of the great pioneers in the experimental study of memory.

According to Ebbinghaus’ concept, human beings tend to forget 60% of information one hour after acquiring it. And after six days, we will have already lost 90% of that information.

And what does that bring us? The proven existence of the forgetting curve lets us know that the continuous return of the same information to the brain reinforces its conservation in the memory. So, if you want to learn something, don’t just watch it once: review and study it.

Moreover, Ebbinghaus himself demonstrated that meaningful memorization is nine times more effective than mechanical memorization.

To demonstrate this, Ebbinghaus had one group of people memorize a series of nonsense words, and another group did the same with a poem by Lord Byron.

The result was that the people who were reading the poem had remembered 90% more. That means that by really understanding what we are reading, we memorize better.

How is it easier to learn English?

Having said that, and based on our experience as a language school, at Lingua Language Center we can answer how it is easier to learn English: by studying it formally and complementing the knowledge acquired with constant practice, that is, through a total or partial immersion in the language.

In any case, it is also important to highlight other contributions related to the most efficient and easy ways to learn languages. So, here are some tips that will allow you to acquire English in an effective way.

Establish Measurable Objectives

Before immersing yourself in the study of English, set clear and achievable goals. Avoid vague goals such as “I want to be more fluid”. Instead, define specific goals, such as “I want to understand and answer basic English questions in everyday situations”. Setting measurable goals will help you stay focused and motivated.

Expand Your Vocabulary

Vocabulary is the basis for learning any language. It starts with basic verbs, such as “to be”, “to get” and “to have”. Practice its conjugation and use in sentences. It also creates a list of common expressions that native speakers use on a daily basis. For example:

  • “What’s up” (what’s up/hello).
  • “Thanks so much” (muchas gracias)
  • “Excuse me…” (excuse me…).
  • “What do you think?
  • “Never mind” (no worries/no importa).

Immerse yourself in the language

The most effective way for you to immerse yourself in the language if you are not living in an English-speaking country has to do with the famous triad of movies and series, music and reading.

  • Movies and Series: Watch movies and series in English. Choose subtitles according to your level. This will help you become familiar with typical expressions and improve your listening comprehension.
  • Music: Listen to songs in English. The letters will expose you to the sonority of the words and different accents.
  • Reading: Read books in English, from comic books to literary classics. You will acquire vocabulary and grammar.

Learn to Ask

Focus on the “wh questions”: what, where, when, etc. Practice how to formulate questions. For example:

  • “What time is it?”
  • “Where is the nearest coffee shop?
  • “When does the movie start?”

Enroll in a quality course

Interaction with professionals and peers is essential. Look for English courses that offer:

  • Structured classes: A solid curriculum.
  • Trained teachers: To guide and correct you.
  • Actual practice: Conversations and exercises.

At Lingua Language Center, we are fully convinced that we have the ideal English course for you. All our classes are subject to a methodology created by ourselves, and whose effectiveness has been internationally recognized year after year.

With Lingua Language Center, you can decide if you want to take classes from anywhere in the world through our online platform, or come to the United States to spend a different time sharing with people from other countries who also have the same goal as you: to learn English.

If you want to take this important step, just write us today. Our advisors are ready to receive your case, listen to you and help you with the necessary procedures to become part of our academy.