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If you are wondering how long a student with an F1 visa can stay in the U.S., it is because you plan to come to the U.S. for academic preparation.

In this post, we will clarify your doubts and shed light on when you will be able to arrive in the United States once you receive your F1 visa, and when you will have to leave the territory.

When the U.S. Embassy in your country approves you for an F1 Visa to come and study at a U.S. academic institution, you will be able to arrive in the United States as soon as the last 30 days before the start of your classes begin to pass.

This is due to a consideration taken so that you can adapt to the country, and organize everything related to your logistics: from your housing and food, to the places where you intend to socialize.

How long can an F1 visa student stay in the U.S.?

However, as for the official time of legal permanence, you should know that it will be as long as your educational program is. So it will vary in all cases.

In case you enter a university, and the time of your studies is prolonged, you may even leave the United States for a period of no more than five continuous months and then resume your studies. So you will have an F1 visa on an ongoing basis for the entire time you are studying in the country.

And when I finish studying? How long can I stay in the U.S. on an F1 visa?

Upon completion of your academic studies, you may stay in the U.S. for another 60 days. This time is granted so that you can wait for the certifications you will have achieved and leave your affairs in order before leaving the country.

But there are also cases in which a person must leave the U.S. immediately upon completion of his or her studies, even if he or she has an F1 visa: for example, if he or she fails to maintain active student status without notifying the designated school official.

What if I want to stay longer as a Student with F1 visa?

Those who wish to remain in the United States for longer than the time allowed under the F1 visa program must apply to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for an extension.

You may also apply for a change of legal status, for example, through a B2 visitor visa, or another category. In any case, the fee for these applications is US$370 and must be submitted before the last 45 days of the departure date specified on the visa start to run.

Student with F1 visa

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