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How long does it take to reach the C1 level in English? According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), C1 is an advanced level of proficiency that indicates that the learner has solid language skills and can communicate effectively in a variety of situations.

The C1 level in English implies a high command of the language in terms of grammar, vocabulary, oral fluency, and written comprehension.

Students who have completed this level will be able to understand extensive and complex speech, participate in conversations with native speakers with relative fluency, and express themselves clearly and in detail on a wide range of topics. In addition, they are able to write clear and well-structured texts.

So how long does it take to reach the C1 level in English?

The duration to reach the C1 level in English may vary depending on several factors, such as the time dedicated to study, the methodology used, and the level of commitment of the student.

However, based on our experience at Lingua Language Center, we have observed that an average student can reach level C1 in English in approximately two years of study.

It is important to emphasize that regular and constant practice is essential to acquire fluency in the language. So we recommend studying the language at least 3-4 hours a day, combining listening, reading, writing, and speaking activities.

What does science say about how long it takes to reach the C1 level in English?

According to studies published by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, it takes a person approximately 700 to 800 hours to reach a C1 level in English.

Although it is normal to reach this number of hours in two years, as mentioned above, it is also possible to do it in only one year by doubling the number of hours per week, that is, through an intensive and constant course.

However, in order to achieve the expected results, the language school you enroll in must have a solid and effective methodology that includes:

Communicative approach

Studies have shown that focusing on oral communication from the beginning, rather than spending too much time on grammar, can speed up the learning process.


Immersing themselves in an environment where the target language is spoken can help students develop language skills more quickly. Interaction with native speakers and constant exposure to the language is essential to improve fluency.

Educational Technology

The use of technological tools, such as language learning applications and online platforms, can complement traditional classes and provide additional opportunities for practice and feedback.

How long does it take to reach level C1 in English with Lingua Language Center?

The duration of the process for a student to reach a C1 level in English with Lingua Language Center will depend on whether he/she chooses a standard or an intensive program. So usually, the process takes between one and two years.

In any case, when we talk about level C1, we are referring to a fairly advanced level, and there are other levels that allow very efficient communication skills. So, the important thing is to take the step: enroll in a course as soon as possible to start learning English. After that, the level reached will be another matter. For example, there are people who only aspire to a B1 level because it gives them access to the educational levels and job options they are looking for.

Similarly, there are those who have set themselves the goal of speaking English at the C2 level. But whatever your aspiration is, at Lingua Language Center you can achieve it.

At Lingua Language Center, we have a 20-year track record in language teaching and have developed effective study programs to help our students reach C1 level in English. Our courses are based on the latest scientific advances in language teaching, and our highly trained teachers use a communicative approach focused on oral practice.

Our courses offer a combination of face-to-face classes and online activities, allowing students to practice the language in different contexts and develop comprehensive communication skills. In addition, we have innovative technological resources, such as interactive platforms and mobile applications, which provide students with additional opportunities for practice and reinforcement.

If you wish to reach the C1 level in English, we invite you to join our courses at Lingua Language Center. Our team will be happy to help you achieve your language goals with a personalized and effective approach.

Don’t waste any more time and start your path to English fluency with Lingua Language Center!