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To identify a good classroom English course, it is necessary to review three main pillars: the institution, the methodology, and the results.

At Lingua Language Center, we have a face-to-face English course that can be adapted to the needs of each person.

We offer our classes in several of the most important cities in South Florida, USA, and we are true experts in catering to diversity because our programs give true importance to the individual through the strength of the groups.

That is why, in this article, we seek to specify each of the characteristics that a real classroom English course should have, so that, even if the readers do not end up taking our classes, they can choose the most appropriate place to do so.

What should a classroom English course have?

As we mentioned in the first paragraph of this text, we think that the institution, the methodology, and the results are the things you should check in a classroom English course to ensure that it really works. But now let’s review the meaning of each of these pillars…


Although it is possible to attend to new language schools that teach English effectively, it is never a good idea to ignore an institution’s reputation.

“When the river sounds, it is because it brings stones”, says the popular saying; and what is said about a school is what -generally- you will get when you start attending.

So, beyond the name and historical weight of an academy, you should check the reviews its students leave on Google. From there you will get honest opinions, both from those who were only in school for a short time and those who went through many levels to complete all the programs.


This is very important. There may be a very famous and efficient method for learning languages, but students should analyze whether it will really work for them.

Knowing the methodology used in a classroom English course is an easy way to know what we will face once we have started.

And the methodology also includes the teachers, in this case, since they are an indivisible part of the learning process.

It is not possible to talk about a method without talking about the teachers, who are the ones who know it well enough to put it into practice.

In the case of Lingua Language Center, we have our own patented and proven effective method called EnterTraining, which combines a mix of practical classes and entertainment, based on a structure that involves all the senses, not only sight, and hearing.


When we talk about effectiveness, we also talk about reputation. So here we close the cycle that began with the Institution. They are different concepts, obviously, but effectiveness is measured by the experience of the students.

Then it will be enough to check, we insist, the reviews of that institution to see if people really learned in the English courses.

In any case, our results are well documented: we have graduated tens of thousands of students not only in English, but in several major modern languages, such as Spanish, Italian, French, and Portuguese.

Technical characteristics of a good face-to-face English course

As for what happens in the classroom, the methodology is key. But so is another aspect: the ability of teachers to deal with each case.

And that should always apply, no matter whether the classes are private (one person), semi-private (small groups), or collective (in a room full of students). It is key for teachers to be able to detect the problems of each student to help them overcome them.

This is precisely one of the advantages of face-to-face English courses over online classes. But at Lingua Language Center we are so rigorous, that we even manage to apply it when we work under our online modality.

Write to us right now to get all the information you need to enroll in our next face-to-face English program.

No matter your level of English or the time you have available: we have multiple options for you to choose the one that best suits you and the one you really need.