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Many Latin American students wonder how to learn English in Miami. This is because they generally live in contexts where most people speak to them in Spanish.

At Lingua Language Center we have the answer in our classrooms and we also have some tips and tricks for you, which will help you to make the most of your free time to learn the language.

It is impossible to avoid the demographic and linguistic reality of Miami. Only 25% of adults living in Miami-Dade speak English, compared to 65.8% who communicate in Spanish most of the time.

In addition, Latinos tend to surround themselves with people from their community and their own country, which creates a notorious barrier to learning the language.

In fact, if we look at the last census, in the entire state of Florida, 22% of the people speak only Spanish.

So we are facing a real challenge in the acquisition of English. However, the opportunities are now greater than ever, and among them are the ones we offer at Lingua Language Center.

Tips for learning English in Miami

Considering the challenges we have just listed, it will be good to mention some tricks to learn English in Miami efficiently.

Of course, none of this will have any force or be a reality, if it does not work as a complement to real English classes. But here we will tell you how to do it so that you don’t forget what you have learned while you are not taking the classes.

Avoid spending time with people from your country

If you came to the United States to learn English, don’t get distracted. Focus on your goal and you will see how everything flows faster.

Every moment you spend with people who speak the same language as you, you are wasting time on your purpose. So go on your own and try to be as independent as you can while doing everything hand in hand with the academy of your choice.

Go to public places and where you see native speakers, try to talk to them no matter how much you manage to communicate or understand. Only practice and necessity will bring you closer to the language.

Check newspapers and websites in English every day.

If you keep up with the news and read it in English, you will be properly fulfilling the requirements of true language immersion.

This way you will practice every day and increase your vocabulary because you will always be confronted with new words.

Our recommendation is that you try to always have a dictionary or your phone at hand so that you can quickly translate those words you don’t understand, but look up each term separately: avoid translating whole paragraphs and you will put your mind to work.

Travel and go on guided tours

Florida is full of beautiful and extraordinary places. Look for guided tours and excursions and make sure that all explanations are given in English.

You will learn about the country’s culture while improving your ability to identify words. It doesn’t matter if you are not yet at an intermediate level, just give it a try and you will see how you start to grow in the language.

Learn English in Miami with Lingua Language Center

If you choose our institution as your English school in Miami, you will have the opportunity to be fully immersed in the language.

At Lingua Language Center, we have activities scheduled every day, so that when you leave class, you will continue learning while having fun with new people from multiple cultures who have the same interest as you: learning English.

You will also realize the differential value of our classes. We focus on a multisensory method to make every expression and word become part of the student’s daily life. We also combine fun with practical techniques to make everything more enjoyable.

If you intend to learn English in Miami, or in any other city in the state of Florida, write to us. We have several locations in the region and we are ready to show you how much we can adapt to what you are looking for.

We take care of everything. We have been teaching English to students from all over the world since 1998, we are true experts in generating the language immersion you are looking for.