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When someone wonders how to practice English alone, it is usually due to two possibilities: that they have no one to practice with, or that they have discovered the many advantages of solitude to advance their learning.

The main advantage of practicing English alone is the ability to concentrate when there are no distractions. If we have an efficient practice methodology, we will be able to investigate, go deeper, create connections and understand everything more efficiently.

Of course, being realistic and looking for true effectiveness, we have to say that practicing English is only something that should be done when you are already taking a course, since practice is -in all cases- a way to remember and make useful what you have learned.

If you don’t have an English course yet, consider the ones we offer at Lingua Language Center for all levels, as they have the support of tens of thousands of students and the main institutions of the Federal Government, which certify our work.

But if you are already taking English classes, then take advantage of your moments of solitude to apply the following recommendations on how to practice English alone.

How to practice English alone?

The following tips on how to practice English are based only on the experiences of our students, as well as on scientific evidence that supports the actual effectiveness of these practices.

Sing in English

Enjoy music in English and learn the lyrics. This will familiarize you with the accent, new words and have fun at the same time.

Go on a date with a foreigner

If you like dating apps, meet native English speakers. Excitement and curiosity will motivate you to practice.

Watch movies and series in English

Change the language on your TV or Netflix. If you still can’t follow the thread, cycle for five minutes to pick up new words.

Read books and articles in English

Start with material adapted to your level. Write down unknown words and look up their meaning.

Listen to podcasts and audio books in English

Exposure to different accents and communication styles is valuable. You will notice your progress in a short time.

Write in English

Keep a journal, create stories or send emails in English. You can even enter online chats with people from other parts of the world, and try to communicate as effectively as possible.

Uses mobile applications

Applications such as Duolingo can keep the knowledge you learn in class fresh.

Learn the verb tenses

Master tenses such as present, past and future. To achieve this, one of the best options is to write different sentences in all tenses.

Set short-term goals

For example, learn a new idiomatic expression every day or add 10 new words to your vocabulary. So that you don’t forget them, use them in sentences as you write them.

All of these activities will allow you to practice English on your own, but if you want to see real results in the shortest time possible, you should still enroll in an English program with a teacher who is attentive to your progress and challenges you every day.

Contact us! At Lingua Language Center, we will be happy to receive your application and provide you with all the information you need to study English with us, either online or from our offices in the United States.

We have so much time teaching English, and our own methodology with such proven results, that we are confident that we will be able to help you reach your goals no matter what level of English you are at right now.

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