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To reduce the accent and improve pronunciation in English, the most important thing is to promote a true immersion in the language. That is something that is difficult for many Latinos in the United States because they tend to surround themselves, especially at the beginning, with people of their own nationality.

However, those who really want to reduce their accent and improve pronunciation in English should focus primarily on two things: listening and speaking, that is: conversing; yes, you have to do it with the right people.

The best way is to take English conversation classes with professional teachers who teach you techniques aimed at improving the pronunciation of American English.

Improve pronunciation in English

Among these types of classes, those of Lingua Language Center stand out, which are designed to practice appropriate patterns in the face of stress and to improve pronunciation and rhythm.

This is an online course that is taken twice a week for two hours each class. Upon completion, the differences in pronunciation and accent are noticeable, as the student approaches native manners considerably.

In any case, there are tips that you can put into practice before starting the course and that will give you an important advantage when you do:

  • Speak slowly so that they understand you and naturalize what you are saying.
  • Listen to podcasts in English on topics you know well.
  • Watch movies and series in English
  • Practice tongue twisters

With these techniques, and a conversational English course, in no time you will be able to reduce your accent and improve your pronunciation. Now is the time to take the step to speak American English optimally. Contact Lingua Language Center!