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If you have ever wondered how to study English in Miami as a foreigner, you have come to the right article. Here we will tell you not only the “how”, but also the “where”.

Studying English in Miami as a foreigner can be a very rewarding experience. However, there are some steps you must follow to be successful.

Before mentioning these steps, it must be said that there are two ways to study English in Miami as a foreigner: the first is to be a foreigner residing in the United States, and the second is to travel to the country to study exclusively to study the language.

Since the former only involves enrollment in a language school, we will focus on the latter.

How to study English in Miami as a foreigner

Those who want to study English in Miami as foreigners living in other countries should contact a school that has both a track record and a quality methodology for teaching the classes.

That English academy will issue them a form that they must fill out and take to the U.S. Embassy in the country where they are located, which will be used to apply for a non-immigrant student visa, known as an F-1 visa.

With this visa, students will not be able to work in the United States while learning the language, as it only allows foreigners to study in the country for the duration of their academic preparation.

There are exceptions that allow students to work, but they apply to English language learners, but only to people entering universities and other institutes of higher education.

Each F-1 visa applicant must pay a $200 fee to be eligible for the F-1 visa. If approved, they will be able to travel to the United States and prepare for their classes.

Logistics for studying English in Miami

Once the visa is approved, before traveling, the person must find and arrange everything related to his or her stay in the United States: from food and lodging to what he or she will do with his or her free time.

All of this can be complicated if you don’t have the right advice. So the most common recommendation is always to do everything with time to understand how the country works in these aspects and surround yourself with people who have already lived the experience.

How to study English in Miami as a foreigner the best way to study English in Miami

If you choose to study English in Miami with Lingua Language Center, you will have a lot of advantages that will make all the processes easier for you.

For example, you will have personalized advice from the beginning so that you don’t make any mistakes when applying for the visa. At our school we have so much experience bringing students to the United States to study English, that we know every single circumstance that may arise, and we make the whole process easy and fast.

In addition, thanks to our “All Inclusive” programs, we can take care of your meals during that time, as well as the place where you are going to stay and even organize the best activities for you to do in your free time.

We organize guided walks where you will be able to share with other students who are learning English as well, and practice what you have acquired during the academic hours.

Write to us right now and we will tell you, step by step, what you must do to study English in Miami with us.