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If you are wondering how to write numbers in English, the first step is to check your spelling. But there are also a series of rules that you must follow to do it correctly.

Before reviewing the rules, it will be good to review the numbers and how they are written. At Lingua Language Center, we know that it’s all about practice and determination. So we cover all aspects, those that can be memorized and those that require simple interpretations.

In any case, remember that we are a language school where you can learn ( online and in person) everything you want about the language you are looking to acquire. At the end of our courses, you will not only be more prepared, but you will also have the right critical thinking skills to use and take advantage of your new language.

How to write numbers in English

Next, we will take a look at writing the numbers from 1 to 50 and then some higher numbers.

  • 1 one (uan)
  • 2 two (chu)
  • 3 three (zri)
  • 4 four (four)
  • 5 five (faiv)
  • 6 six (six)
  • 7 seven (seven)
  • 8 eight ( eigt)
  • 9 nine (nain)
  • 10 ten (ten)
  • 11 eleven (eleven)
  • 12 twelve (chuel)
  • 13 thirteen (tirtin)
  • 14 fourteen (fourtin)
  • 15 fiveteen (faivtin)
  • 16 sixteen (sixtin)
  • 17 seventeen (seventin)
  • 18 eighteen (eigtin)
  • 19 nineteen (naintin)
  • 20 twenty (tuenti)
  • 21 twenty one (tuenti uan)
  • 22 twenty two (tuenti chu)
  • 23 twenty three (tuenti zri)
  • 24 twenty four (tuenti four)
  • 25 twenty five (tuenti faiv)
  • 26 twenty six (tuenti six)
  • 27 twenty seven (tuenti seven)
  • 28 twenty eight (tuenti eigt)
  • 29 twenty nine (tuenti nain)
  • 30 30
  • 31 thirty one (tirti uan)
  • 32 thirty two (tirti chu)
  • 33 thirty three (tirti zri)
  • 34 thirty four (tirti four)
  • 35 thirty five (tirti faiv)
  • 36 thirty six (tirti six)
  • 37 thirty seven (tirti seven)
  • 38 thirty eight (tirti eigt)
  • 39 thirty nine (tirti nain)
  • 40 forty (fourti)
  • 41 forty one (fourti uan)
  • 42 forty two (fourti chu)
  • 43 forty three (fourti zri)
  • 44 forty four (fourti four)
  • 45 forty five (fourti faiv)
  • 46 forty six (fourti six)
  • 47 forty seven (fourti seven)
  • 48 forty eight (fourti eigt)
  • 49 forty nine (fourti nain)
  • 50 fifty (fifti)
  • 100 one hundred
  • 150 one hundred and fifty
  • 165 One hundred and sixty-five
  • 900 nine hundred
  • 1,000 one thousand
  • 10,000 ten thousand
  • 100,282 one hundred thousand two hundred eighty-two
  • 953,314 nineteen fifty-three thousand three hundred fourteen
  • 1,214,000 one million two hundred and fourteen thousand

Rules for writing numbers in English

After seeing some examples, you can now get a feel for how the rules of writing numbers in English work. In any case, below we will explain the obvious ones and the ones you probably did not know.

When are figures written?

From one to nine, in English numbers are written in letters. From ten onwards, writing in numbers is recommended. That does not exempt us from the need to eventually write them in letters, and that is why this article is important.


I have nine cats in my house. But Mary has more than 20 cats.

How are decimals written in English?

When you have to write decimals, you must know that the separation is done with points.

Example: two and a half is written 2.5

Instead, you will have to use commas to talk about numbers exceeding one thousand.

Examples: two million five hundred thousand is written 2,500,000 and two thousand five hundred is written 2,500.

How do I write the dates?

The specific years are written as follows: 1981.

The decades are written like this: the eighties, although it is usually read informally as the 80s.

Centuries are written like this: the twentieth century or the 20th century.

If you want to learn more about this and other English topics in depth, so that you don’t hesitate when writing in English, write to us! We have the right course for you.