Lingua Language Center provides translation services in Orlando using professionals who understand the cultural impact of each word in different professional areas.

Private companies and public institutions have turned our institution into their main tool when it comes to translating important texts, as they know that the result always goes beyond what is simply correct.

Lingua Language Center’s experience in translations began in 1998. Since then, texts on law, medicine, various technical disciplines, and sales have been worked on with the certainty that the projects are in very good hands.

Do we offer translation services in Orlando only?

Apart from offering translation services in Orlando, we also have them in several of the most important cities in Florida: Weston and Fort Lauderdale…

Our interpreters have vast experience in texts regarding negotiations, declarations, conferences, or the Court.

We also have the service of official sworn translations, localization, and emergency services.

What languages does Lingua Language Center translate?

Lingua’s translation service encompasses projects from English to foreign languages and vice versa. So we also work with languages such as Italian, Portuguese, Creole, German or Spanish.

The work of translating a text professionally requires not only dedication but also expertise and experience to be able to use the correct terminology in each case, in each area, and in each language.

Our work is duly certified by the United States government, and also includes public interpreters, interpreters for conferences and negotiations, and specialized translators in different professional areas.

If you are looking for translation services in Orlando or in any of the other major cities in Florida, write to us! We are ready to offer you the best of the best.